Did anyone try replacing Firefox tabs with i3 tabs? I know how to do it but I'm still a bit concerned about the memory implications. Firefox can "hibernate" tabs that aren't used, but can it do the same if each "tab" is actually a Firefox window that's a tab in i3?

@Matter I think all Firefox processes share a controller. So if you open a new window, it should connect to the main process and act like any other tab or window. Though I have no idea if it will suspend a standalone window.

@Matter I too would be curious to know about this.

@Matter Won't every i3-tab-firefox be its own session of FF and thus need its own profile? You can have more than one copy of FF going at a time, yes. If you're thinking about this for security reasons, are you already looking at/ruled out Qubes for better sandboxing/etc of your machine?

@trini no, tabs and windows are pretty much identical. I'm just concerned it won't know how to tell which "tabs" are not being used

@Matter Ah, OK. That I would hope works right as it's all just "tabs" anyhow, I think, to FF.

@Matter yes, AFAIK this works across windows. Also the hibernate feature is quite new and may only partially be enabled (slowly) on some builds.

If you want to try it now, there are add-ons:

@Matter hm wow maybe some commandline switch perhaps. I do believe that some browser at some point had a switch to become usable as an embedded window, might require a few lines of code though.

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