Personal resolution: search for video content on Peertube/LBRY before jumping straight to

Suggestion for Youtubers: upload your content to other platforms as well as Youtube, and encourage your viewers to watch you there instead.

As viewers, we can vote with our views by watching our favourite content creators on those platforms, and if possible make small donations to compensate for the lost ad revenue.

Tagging my favourite Free software loving Youtubers @gbryant and @lunduke

@grahambae @gbryant @lunduke For people you still have to go to YouTube for, there are better ways to enjoy them than using the site.

Just subscribe to the channel or playlist RSS/Atom feeds. Then just feed the video links it gives you to VLC/MPV.

It's a nice and straight-forward way of enjoying content from creators on YouTube while avoiding most of Google's nonsense.


@Adam_Stambaugh @grahambae @gbryant @lunduke
This is what I do, I almost never have to run Google's JS anymore (only when checking the description for a source or something)

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