Ooooh my phone got LineageOS 17.1 😃

Love this bacon, my OPO has been running for 5 years and I'm still getting Android updates, thanks to the wonderful people maintaining it 😊

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So... Mozilla fired the Servo devs. And the Security Response team.

So basically, all that's left now is palliative care for Firefox, and SaaSS for the bottom line. Raaaaaaaaah why can't you do anything right Mozilla, you're all we have left for the open web and you keep. fucking. up.

US DOJ removes rule designed to prevent studios from buying movie theaters, judge allows it.

All of these fuckwits in the pocket of their oligarchs, do you only know what "monopoly" and "antitrust" mean when the companies in question are mean to you?

Coming soon to a theater near you: exclusivity under the Big Mouse!

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So, who else is sad that FOSDEM will not happen this year (at least not in person)? It's my favourite part of the year, having the talks online is just not the same :(

(no announcements yet, but Belgium's fucked, yo)

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Article from IEEE promoting 5G:

I have two main comments on this:
Location Services section:"the network can measure the direction and angle of a beam, along with its distance from the tower"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA why do you think this is a good thing, that sounds horrifying!!!

Private Networks section:"[5G waves]don’t travel nearly as far as traditional cell signals.[...]At those scales, 5G could function essentially like Wi-Fi networks"
Then what's the point of 5G??

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... And the fun isn't over! Release 2.0.0 also introduces containers 🎉

docker run keyoxide/keyoxide

This one is for the promise of and building a decentralized network of identity verification!

For more info:

Oh, scratch that. It uses Google's speech recognition thingy, this is just a scheme to get more recordings for Mozilla to train their Common Voice apparently, but it doesn't use it...

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Oooh, Mozilla is coming out with a voice thingy. Seems promising!

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If you wish to control your online identity and consider , please have a look at instead :)

- fully
- and focuse
- no vendor lock-in
- no takeover \o/

If I was an AI and wanted to diss humans, this is exactly the type of thing I would write:

"Humans are very bad at communicating their feelings, so they don’t know how to explain to the other humans why they’re angry. So, instead of trying to explain, they yell and scream at the other human. But the other human doesn’t understand why they’re being yelled and screamed at. They don’t understand what they’re being accused of. And since they don’t understand, they get angry."

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How fucking sassy is this??? I don't believe this was written by GPT-3 😱

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Best GPT-3 generated article I've seen yet:

"In conclusion, intelligence is whatever humans do, the brain is a very bad computer, consciousness is a very bad idea, emotions are based on misguided perceptions of reality, and the mind is a prison."

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@ScottMortimer another fundamental difference is snap isn't actually fully open source. The server component is proprietary. I had no idea until recently, and have lost interest in snap since.

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Hopopop !

On oublie pas que Peertube a encore besoin de dons pour pouvoir atteindre sa v3 sereinement !

Remote work concerns me a bit, how will workers organize if they never see each other and all their communication is through the employer's platform?

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