I hate the new Firefox 75 search UI, previously it took the whole width of my vertical screen, now it's like 1/3 of already limited horizontal space

I hate it when people make a post on April 1st. I've been looking suspiciously at the Lineage changelog for 30 minutes now lineageos.org/Changelog-24/

Hah. Great stuff by ExtinctionRebellion: agreenergoogle.com/

Very convincing.

The archive.org "Emergency library" doesn't seem legal to me. The author's guild doesn't like it: authorsguild.org/industry-advo

Of course it's not really important whether it's legal or not, as long as the IA doesn't get in trouble for it... Curious to see how this turns out for them

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Shout-out to every project which isn't on GitHub

Comedy shows without an audience are so much better. Let me decide when to laugh, thank you 😄

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⚠️ PSA - Pixelfed Admins 🚨

We understand some Pixelfed admins may be considering closing down instances due to financial strain from #COVID19

If you need help to maintain your service, please email hello @ pixelfed.org and we will do our best to help.

If you would like to sponsor an instance, feel free to get in touch via that email as well.

Literally killing people because of copyright. How can these people live with themselves.

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I have to use github for something, and it really pisses me off. They now banned my account for some fucking reason (probably because I used Tor? Who knows), so now I can't work, and making a new account would probably get that banned too. Fuck. This. Shit

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until 20 minutes ago I didn't know the free software foundation had a european branch. But I just found the @fsfe

I'm able to, so I donated ❤

I have to say, pixelfed is pretty lacking, it seems a lot less far along than Mastodon. I'm sure it will get better, but it's not polished enough yet

Hey, is pixelfed.social still invite-only, or is it closed proper?
If anyone has invites, I wouldn't mind (I'm exploring possibly making an Android app, and it should work on there xD)

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ForgeFed is an upcoming #federation #protocol for enabling #interoperability between version control services. It’s built as an extension to the #ActivityPub protocol, allowing users of any ForgeFed-compliant service to interact with the repositories hosted on other instances.

#ForgeFed is looking for #opensource contributors to their roadmap items, for which you'll receive funding (thanks to #nlnet )

See #HackerNews



Just about finished Firefly season 1. Season 2 is bound to come out any day now right? Right? ... 😢

Just started Firefly. Already seeing why it's going to hurt getting to the end of the season 😔

Maybe some good can come out of the whole Wuhan coronavirus disaster. It seems to be causing unrest in China, and the CCP is scrambling to suppress it. It can also maybe cripple the mainland industrial complex and force the rest of us to reduce our reliance on them. Fuck the CCP

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