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Fucking ridiculous. Blockchain, so dead on arrival... Now imagine if they went the ActivityPub way, but they have no reason to do that since it would finally do away with the network effect.

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has arrived, how cool is that? 🤗 @PINE64

But I have to say that the back panel is a collection of my fingerprints. 👀

Oh wow, 2000 instead of 700. Might be worth it if you have that kind of disposable income

Great initiative, curious to see what the price delta will be there.

Firefox has a new certificate view in 71. Pretty neat. Now let me see it again in the site information without needing 4 clicks please...

The writers in the DC TV series really don't know what divide-and-conquer means. They use it to say they should split up and all take on one small task... Which is always a very bad idea of course.

You divide the enemies, not yourself 😆

I don't think WebAssembly is such a good idea. At least with JS you can read it as a human if they don't deliberately obfuscate it. Trying to understand what a WebAssembly function does is way too complex, I mean the mental model of the stack and pushing and popping it is not something you can understand big functions with.

Piracy bad, OK? Just use our thing that doesn't work and has none of the content you want, oh and also not on that device but on this special device that treats you like the potential criminal that you are.

Disney really wants to sell those baby Yoda toys. It seems that and the launch of Disney+ are the only reasons for the Mandalorian series' existence 😆

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La version 2.1 de #PeerTube mettra à jour l'API des plugins pour permettre la création de plugins de CAPTCHA. L'équipe de développement a d'ailleurs d'ores et déjà créé des plugins pour utiliser différents types de #CAPTCHA.

Alors s'il vous plaît, lorsque vous mettrez à jour votre instance et que vous devrez faire un choix... au nom de tout ce qu'il y a de bon en ce monde : N'utilisez pas #ReCAPTCHA.

I love that the latest threadripper takes like 25 seconds to compile Linux.

New boot option: compile-on-boot

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The .org TLD is at risk. It's being sold to a private equity firm, which likely won't end well. A lot of non-profits (including the US Girl Scouts!) have signed a document protesting this.

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“The internet is vital for people to enjoy many of their , yet billions of people have no meaningful choice but to access this public space on terms dictated by Facebook and Google.

“This can never be a legitimate choice. We must reclaim this essential public square, so we can participate without having our rights abused.”

Facebook and Google’s pervasive poses an unprecedented danger to human rights | Amnesty International –

Someone should create a betting scheme to bet on when Stadia gets the axe.

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Fuck the mainland government, actual Nazis of our generation. White power groups are fucking small-time. I stand with Hong Kong. Tell your own government so if you feel the same way. Not CW'd because it's your responsibility to know about and act on this problem.

Agree with this 100%. We need to cut off CPP fascism, and a full blockade is the only ethically justifiable way forward for the EU and US

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