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@pixelfedde 's cert has expired (I wanted to look at your docker blogpost and had to click through a scary warning πŸ˜‰ )

Corporations are cancers. They are amoral entities that optimize for growth, and have no regard whatsoever for anything else.

This, plus the fact that the UX is way better using Jellyfin and file sharing sites, is yet another reason to never pay these scumbags a cent.

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Aaaaa I want my pinephone to get delivered already...

I'm so impatient, it's terrible

Another youtube-dl update :)

Glad to see them keep up some maintenance

It's quite funny to me that Gimp only now moves to Gtk3, when Gtk4 comes out in a month πŸ˜†

Maybe it's the safe choice, since Gtk3 is now sure to be stable πŸ˜‰

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We recently did another release, check out the changelogs here:

Mostly some more polishing and bug fixing.

Bigger news to be expected in the coming weeks πŸ˜‰


Yay, now we can start criticizing the neo-cons' policies without being distracted by stupidity every 2 days.

Biden is going to be a *terrible* president for Americans. But compared to Trump, it'll feel like he's perfect. Don't hold him to that very low standard πŸ˜‰

USPOL - The_Donald 

Maybe you remember the grasping at straws /r/SandersForPresident did during the primaries for the 2016 elections. "This is how we can still win" etc.

The_Donald are now doing this, but like 100x as intense. Talking about suing this and that, radioactive markers on ballots that will prove there are hundreds of thousands of fakes, talking about taking up arms to "maintain democracy" (yeah, that's the best way to do that)

If you want to laugh/cry, look at

Massachusetts voters pass right-to-repair expansion opening up car data

Some good news from the US elections today :)

Wasn't there another @fosstodon donation overflow thingie recently? How did that turn out?

Star Trek (TOS) has such ridiculous ideas about gender sometimes, hilarious.

Quote in episode I'm watching now (S02E09 Metamorphosis)
"The idea of male and female are universal constants"

Regular remarks about gender of some alien or other, and dramatic changes of behaviour depending on gender. Female officers are emotional, act in a manner that communicates fragility.

Really, while trying to be progressive in that area the sexist undertones of its time shine through. Interesting to see.

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Anyone here familiar with Minetest?

What mods are good for a LAN party (WAN party, in these conditions, obviously) where people don't necessarily know Minetest beforehand? I want something quite simple to get started with.

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I'm a bit tired of the "series about space but really it's about astronauts and their shitty lives and maybe one episode about space" format. Every time the description makes me want to watch it and then it ends up being the same thing again.

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