Treasure trove of recommendations there. Just found out that Ombi exists, so that's going to be fun to set up 😄

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Found on #Fdroid: Aurora Droid, an alternative Client for Fdroid. Has some usability problems but wow looks so much better than the official F-Droid client

Remember people, tomorrow is , so let's all not use for at least that entire day.

So a regular day for me.

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update. I just had a session with colleagues about / compatibility issues. It's pretty dire. Formatting in Word docs is regularly erased, Excel sheets are seeing strange bugs, and Powerpoints especially are completely ruined.

I'm wondering what the best and most time efficient way is to tackle these issues. Do we post on forums waiting for a response, do we submit tickets with Collabora, or do we find consultants from the LibreOffice community to help us out?

I don't think I like Matrix being so dependent on a what's basically a VC company, but I'm pretty confident they will make sure the ecosystem is solid before anyone can think of an exit strategy

So, I was getting a bunch of segfaults on an application... running in Python

Achievement unlocked!

Something I've been thinking about quite a bit: will IPv6 not be a really bad thing for privacy? With IPv4 we have a NAT and only the network's IP is known to others, but with IPv6 every device has its own address.

I don't understand why the python REPL doesn't exit when you type 'exit', instead it tells you to call 'exit()' or do Ctrl+D

Like, if you're going to program something in to tell me how to do the thing I'm clearly trying to do, why not just do it instead?

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hot take on self-hosting 

Nevermind, found how to do it, installed qt5ct and changed the theme there

Using ArchLabs, I can't get Qt apps to use a dark theme, I have no clue how to get it to work... Does anyone know how this works?

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is a project for information access.

Kiwix is a tool which stores and reads content in the ZIM format. Everything from Wikis to Q&A sites can be represented in this format, allowing for Wikipedia or an important forum to be stored for offline reading when internet access is temperamental or unavailable. Kiwix also provides a hotspot and server for quickly sharing content over a local network.

Website 🔗️:

raaah I can't get my thin client deluge to connect to my server. deluge-web works fine, the thing that's not working is a remote connection (but I enabled allow_remote and checked for iptables rules... What can it be?)

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@rudolf using Firefox is already a tall order, they don't tend to change search engines, don't even tend to install ad blockers, and DEFINITELY won't change DNS settings, because they don't even know what that is and don't know where to find the setting

You must understand this, the most important part about settings is the default value, the rest has no importance whatsoever

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@kelbot Actually, this was a defacement of his personal site (!)


"What's bad about: Richard Stallman" goes to the first medium slander article

RMS is very probably still head of the GNU project

Fuck... I thought he would stay on the GNU project, he seems to be going for an entire new life. Also looking for a place to live:

I hope he's OK, must not be easy

The last video from the Slow Mo Guys is absolutely beautiful, but I wish they could publish some raw footage (or at least higher bitrate) because the YouTube compression is absolutely terrible

@Chrishallbeck how come you're not posting on here anymore? Just noticed that I hadn't seen your work in a while...

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Marcel Aiphan: Ces images sont votre défaite.
Une telle répression aveugle pour empêcher des citoyens de se rassembler pacifiquement, aux yeux du monde, c’est la fin définitive de toute crédibilité pour #Macron.
Vous rendrez des comptes...
#GiletsJaunes #Acte45 #Paris

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