I walked into microcenter to buy a new monitor, and I might have walked out with a new freelancing gig.

I've got an idea for an IDE plugin that will be able to display lambdas inline. It would let you fit all the information that you need to see data flow within your field of view. Now, if only I knew how to write an intellij plugin...

Oh my, PocketCHIP friends look at this DIY PChip replacement. They are using a Pi 3B+ and the pimoroni Hyperpixel display plus a diy keyboard and 3D printed case.

I am now down an appendix. Will trade for help building Debian for RISC-V.

I do as much of my browsing as i can in elinks which makes it possible to get along with less RAM. There are still plenty of very poorly designed sites that just won't render correctly or at all. I just switch over briefly to a graphical browser. It is slightly inconvenient but it is possible to live happily with 2GB or even 1GB this way.

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When trying to make sense of all the federated social networks or I came across this. It reads like a who is who in the fediverse.

Fellow Fosstodonians, What's the best secure, non-proprietary password manager out there? Your replies are much appreciated.

For all the DWM admiring Linux hipsters our there ;-) . The suckless site has a nice list of "stuff that rocks". Basically an index of small, efficient applications they like.


i'm done with politics, this is the only ruler i'll accept

Cool heads will prevail. I have decided that building a diy laptop is probably not a good use of my time (that makes at least 3 times I've started looking into doing this and decided against it but who's counting?).

I still kind of want to make some sort of portable device though. I started thinking about doing a little almost pocket size device with a thumb keyboard but all the thumb keyboards are wireless and terrible.

Anyone have experience with using Xilinx's command line tools in a build system?

Anyone have experience with using Xilinx's command line tools in a build system?

Guide to office life small-talk

1. If it's Monday, bring up how Monday sucks
2. If it's Tuesday, bring up how it's not Monday
3. If it's Wednesday, bring up how you're halfway through the week
4. If it's Thursday, bring up how it's almost Friday
5. If it's Friday, bring up how it's finally Friday
6. Once the above is exhausted and you're still around them, bring up the weather

What ushered in this new wave of tooters? Was there another article?

LB is such a big mood.
before college: "I want to be an engineer and design stuff for space vehicles!"
after college: "I think humanity should be quarantined on Earth. My lifetime goal is to move to a log cabin in Nunavut and wait for the end of the world."

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