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A swamp cow is like a beach bum, but... well, it is just a beach bum with hooves. And sideways for some reason.

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Ok, let's connect. Do you like hiking? Beaches? Swamp cows? Hit me up with a DM.

Hi @strypey
I am not acquainted with clacke, I think?
Hello @clacke

@ntnsndr cool! What distro are you playing with rn?

I think I want bars on my windows too.. in fact I like them big... if I'm playing with the touchpad, not typing in the terminal, I don't want to fiddle around trying to grab the top bar. Which I can do..

because my Linux—my computer :)


I appreciate your skepticism on 'lack of awareness' as being the best explanation for why so few coops exist.

I hypothesize one particular reason, at least within the USA:

Economic prostration of the people interested in worker coop development. Health care dependent on regular jobs, and most folks lack even the very basic quantities of capital (or ability to generate it) to start entrepreneurial experiments. All of this, prior to the Covid public health failure. is looking for a new senior advisor. The ideal advisor is committed to the development of enterprises and specifically the structure, and can guide us in our objective to expand our client base within the academic science sector and beyond.

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Have you read about [[exit to community]]?

It is a new model for startup "graduation" that focuses on integration with the community.


and ^that video are my go to primers to share when a nerd asks.

Try scrolling and researching a few randomly

This is a circus. But..

Don't be shy about the investment side of it... dump a small amount in, and you'll notice you pay more attention to the circus side. That isn't a moral failing on your part. The circus drives this more than people wish to admit, and so to properly understand it, embracing the circus may be neccessary

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Glad to be here!
We're working on growing our client base. At the moment we're running an ad campaign with ResearchGate. I'd like to start a parallel campaign reaching out directly to academic departments—we should identify those departments with some kind of interest or commitment to worker coops or alternative economics?

@ntnsndr @tobiasfdl is an English language editing service for ESL (English as a Second Language) scholars.

OceanEditors is an enterprise (Exit 2 Community) which was founded as a democratic workplace and will exit as a full

If you are an ESL academic struggling with your English manuscripts, we can help!

Want to help grow the community? Help us connect with clients and partnering universities.

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I’ve been fiddling with a technique to draw a variety of faces with a similar fashion sense and phenotypes.

The theory is, if I can make a simple technique for generating a wide number of interchangeable halves of faces I can dynamically generate thousands of unique “characters” from a few dozen component pieces in a really lofi way; which makes it possible to co-create subcultures in a fictional universe.

Designing for remixability, so to speak.

#PlayLog | #Art | #SlipVector

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