Copying all the data in all partitions from one storage device to another is apparently as easy as a single dd command. Who knew? In other news, I'm liking the boot times for my new m.2 drive. I've only used hard drives before.

@Mafu well as I'm about to do just that, as soon as I receive my m.2 drive... You mean with dd you can copy the whole drive onto a new one? Or you first need to lay out the partitions and then dd them individually?

@yarmo The whole drive at once :). Just be warned that it'll take quite some time, depending on how large your drives are. Silly me forgot to add status=progress to the end of the command so I didn't know how far it was along.

@Mafu great to hear!

Since you're my dd expert now 😉, one more question (I did duckduckgo it, but couldn't don't a definitive answer).

I'm switching disks on a windows 10 computer (😔) that had 2 partitions. Could I add two NTFS partitions (only bigger that the original ones) and then dd the contents? And expect it to work, assuming I'm also transferring the other hidden windows partitions...?

@yarmo If I understand correctly, you want to copy the contents of a drive with multiple NTFS partitions (along with the windows boot partition and maybe some swap space idk) to another drive from linux using dd? Yes, it will work exactly the same as it did on the initial drive because everything is copied. Basically an exact clone, as far as I know. I haven't noticed anything missing when booting from my m.2 after copying over, and the partition layout is exactly the same. 👍

@Mafu okay that sounds great! And if you wanted to make all partitions larger because the new drive is larger? Do it in dd or use appropriate tools after the cloning?

@yarmo different tool. I'd use the one built into windows, or gnome-disks (only linux one i know of) if you want to do it from linux.

@Mafu thanks, friend! Truly appreciate your help!

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