Hi guys! Have you seen amazing project LBRY? It's project aiming to be decentralized alternative for YouTube. You can earn there on your content without need to worry about getting demonetized. Also on LBRY blockchain you can store things like audio, programs, 3D models, ebooks etc. Developers make good work, for example in progress there is a decentralized comment system. If you need help or want to know more jest send me message 😁

@Madiator2011Gaming For a true alternative to youtube, that doesn't have any Blockchain or other buzzwords that end up being a pyramid scheme (with good intentions or not) check out Peertube. It's federated and plays nice with the rest of the fediverse, such Mastodon.

@Matter @Madiator2011Gaming Backing you on this.

Although LBRY does look like a very interesting concept beyond just video sharing.

Actually I've been dreaming of a decentralized content sharing platform for a while now. Something that would solve piracy not by trying to prevent it, but rather by making it useless

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