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Focusing on GHG emissions is deceptive because it makes it look like our ecological crisis might be fixable without reversing GDP growth in the Global North.

But as this BIOS piece shows decoupling CO2 is not enough. We need economy-wide decoupling.

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I've observed that "Fail fast." often translates to "Only invest in get rich quick schemes."

Thanks to this inspiring "culture", privacy is a now literally a threat to the US export economy.

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A fantastic piece on the complete blindness to alternatives for of the American elites. Contains a spot on George Orwell quote: "those at the top had trained themselves to be impenetrably stupid."

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Hey! Stop scrolling!

You! Yeah you! Stop scrolling!

I just wanna tell you that you're doing just fine. You're gonna be okay if you aren't right now. And if you are, well tomorrow's gonna be even better.

And if you need someone to talk to, send me a DM and we can discuss. I might not have any answers to what you're going through right now, but at least you won't be going at it alone.

How does handle the followers being stuck in silos?

You host your stuff on your domain, syndicate to silos, but people can only find out about it if they happen to follow your latest silos? It seems like the list of followers, i.e., the audience, would be pretty valuable at some point and force you to keep a silo? And in the sense that people must be able to keep finding your content.

One of my hobbies is to try to swing a longsword as the Masters intended back in the middle-ages. Mainly in Italian style, but I backed this project because Guy is an all-around great guy (please, excuse the pun, Sir!).

Don't forget to listen to Guy's podcast or check his material if the arts interest you.

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Do Facebook, Twitter, Diaspora, Discord, Medium and others offer some service that the open source community has somehow overlooked? Surely it isn't that they have better interfaces. Twitter's interface design is terrible, and always has been.

Does... does all of this come down to the fact that they have marketing departments and we don't? I'm beginning to suspect that that might be the case, and I hate it. I especially hate it when I see so many smart people who I want to believe can do their own research and not be swayed by irrelevant fashion trends sway their behavior choosing high-surveillance corporate tools over open source alternatives, and even over low-surveillance private alternatives.

So, holding the "marketing" hypothesis aside for a moment... what is going on here?

Thoughts welcome. Boosts welcome.

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Hello, world!

I am a software consultant interested in sustainable digital development, degrowth, and open-source software. I have been fortunate to make a living out of it in the recent years.

If you are interested in these topics or Clojure and want to share thoughts sometime, please ping me!


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