My strength has brought me this far but if I only had a little bit more,
My aim would be and endless blue sky bound by no limitations at all.

Dudes, i listen since a few years appreciations from people when they listen I study Math, they tell me i am very smart etc, but when it comes to job or doing even volunteer soemthing for the world, I feel like only probability and statistics is important for the world. And these are only 2 branches of math I HATE.
I feel like my knowledge is useless. I cant even find proper remote internship for my skills.

I just saw that interesting device for laptop, however it is impossible to buy.

I don't know if the shop bancruppted or it is due to coronavirrus or sth.

I decided that I am going to develop a Rust crate that year. It will contain basic tools for number theory like Legendre and Jacobi Symbols, pseudoprime tests, checking if sth generates Z_{p}* etc.

This will be my first serious "project" in programming. I will use my math knowledge in practice.

I revived almost 100% money lsot on last pump, by doing shorts of Atom, Graph and Mysterium.
I encourage You to read about those cryptos.

I just fucked in crypto pump.
I bought and 10 seconds later I knew it was bad decision.
But I didt not accept lose. I did not sell that crypto for half a price I bought. I keep it and wait for better times. I am patient, I don't need to spend that money now. I expect that its price will raise anyway when people will again be more interested in crypto generally.

Stay cool!

I did not mention that I started publishing on 5th platform -
Here is my today article, which is also the most popular one:
Stay cool!
If You decide to register on publish0x, toot me so I will give You my reflink :)

Drinking Lavazza Rossa for the first tiem, very good coffee. I approve it!
And yesterday I earned on Akoin and Graph cryptos.
Stay cool!

I've just registered on
I am going to put there the same posts I already write for Steemit/HIVE/Blurt/Medium :)
Here is my first post on, which I published 10 days ago on other platforms:
If You would like to use, here is my reflink:

Stay cool!

I've just connected my BOINC with and from that moment I obtain Gridcoin crypto for helping the Science! I did not give up after I was not able to run Golem Network (I wrote about that in one of my previous roots).

Stay cool!

I can't use Golem Network...
My processor i5-3210m has VT-x function, but provider of my laptop (Acer) blocked it and it is not possible to turn it on even in BIOS. I even updated BIOS to newest but it does not change the situation.
I still encourage You to read about Golem Network.
Stay cool!

I've just installed Golem Network - modern supercomputer.
Read more here:
I think it is interesting idea. You need also Docker and somehing for visualization.

Stay cool!

I just wrote 3rd (and probably most valuable so far) post on
You can check it here:
Of course it is written in style proper for people not interested in such topics, I know that it is not the most formal text about that.

Stay cool!

Stucked in traffic, closed in damaged elevator or waiting while something on Your PC finishes update? Instead of playing Crash Royale, check
There You can learn languages and feed Africa. You learn words and for every positive answer You give 10 grains of rice. I encourage You to try! There is both webpage and mobile app.

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