You want to invest but You want to make impact on the world, not just gamble on value of shitcoin like Doge?
Invest in Stemcells,
I already invested and made the world epsilon better place.

Any job for mathematician? But not based on Probability or Statistics which I dislike?

Quote for today:
All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing

I destroyed dual boot (windows 10 + ubuntu) by yesterday digging in Windows, but today morning I repaired it with the help of the Internet!

Lesson for the future:
1 Disc = 1 System
No multiple boots anymore.
If one system get rekt than I can just simply change the priority of Boot in BIOS and I'm done and I can repair it in free time. When there are many systems on one disc, one needs to repair immediately because nothing boots.

Don't invest in cryptocurrencies in Poland.

"Lody Ekipy" will give You more profit.

Tried to install Haskell, cant even install Chocolatey although I do everything as written... And there is nothing explained what should I do if installation did not work...

Why I can't spend 5 minutes with programming without paranormal activity? Is this a curse?

Powerful math profesor Andrzej Białynicki-Birula died today at age 86.

Sign up to TreeCard and they will plant a tree!
Help me fight climate change with the world's first wooden spending card.

Come on, just look so I can be happy.

Many people glorify assasins who tried to kill Hitler 20th July 1944, whereas it is know they were pure Nazis and they wanted to kill Hitler only because they thought he is bad army commander and because of his fanaticism in leadership Germany is losing war. They did not want to save the world. They are not heroes, By the way, if Hitler were to be killed, Third Reich would have probably survived a few months longer...
What do You think?

How to make 99,9% people dislike You?

Say to them only 3-word sentence: "Life is just".

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