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This is the image of single PDF page of one of the tests our test center of our country made.
Stupid? Yes. Smart? I don't think so.
(That's a lot *of* 'of'. Sory 4bad englis.)

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I was playing a "little bit" w/ my "new" calculator, Texas Instruments TI-81, the company's first graphic calculator! With just 2.4K of RAM held by a 4 AAA batteries (no coin cells or anything) and "basic" TI-BASIC language builtin, this thing is so limited that I... *love it* <3

And it still does a lot more than any other basic calc. can do! It can manage tables (6x6 max.), draw functions, shade graphs (as seen on the picture) and so on. The fact you can program at all is fascinating to me!


It's a weird time right now. There's a wide disparity in the understanding of technologies and their use.

Some people see technology as *unnatural*, when it is a part of human nature. It's a part of our behaviour. Everything from creating fire onward came from instinctual usage.

As more people start to see that technology is a behaviour, an extension of us rather than something external or separate, we will start to see progress and movement in this direction.

Oh, no! I missed The Lunduke-a-thon!

Nope, I didn't. Hehehe! @BryanLunduke

@BryanLunduke No Virtual Hugs ... I am now virtually laughing .. actually no, I am laughing for real ...

Just for the sake of brevity (something I'm not terribly good at):

eHug - Virtual-Pretend-Hugs (either animated GIF or "*hug*").
HugGate - FreeBSD's campaign against eHugs.
lol - Me being amused at all of this.

Dude, this HugGate thing is really popular. I wonder...

Tried again with , but I just couldn't do it - way too buggy on my setup. , I'm coming home. ๐Ÿ˜

I put Linux Mint on my desktop machine. It's super fast and fixed the problem I was having running my favorite steam game (some dumb graphics driver glitch on Ubuntu Mate). Mint was my first full time Linux distro, so it's kinda sentimental too. I gave it a nice forest background and put on the Mint-Y dark theme, and it looks so pretty!

I thought I'll never see this screen ever again...

Gaming on Linux: Valve has boosted their Linux ranks by hiring another developer to work on open source graphics.

Daniel Schรผrmann is the latest, confirmed by Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais on Twitter.

So they have now hired Samuel "hakzsam" Pitoiset, Timothy Arceri (who previously crowdfunded his work to improve Linux drivers), Andres Rodriguez and more in addition to this latest!

#Valve #Steam #Mesa #developers #gaming #Linux #OpenSource

Do I need to mention that there are a lot of Intel Celeron laptops all over the place here?

I was wondering around the websites of my local stores, looking for a laptop I would like to buy. I as looking and looking... And every one of them has a numpad! They're all 15inch laptops! There is no single one of them that has 14inch screen! There are 17inch ones (too big) and 10inch ones (too small) and neither fit my needs. Why is the world so screwed up!? We still buy those pieces (huh. "pieces") of trash?

My uncle, who is the loyal iPhone fan (he never liked Macs) since iPhone 4, said this to me yesterday:

He: "Now I know why the iPhones are garbage."
Me: "In which way?"
He: "In the software way."

Congratz to Apple. You lost another fan.

Go to fbook, everyone's miserable
Go to birbsite everyone's angry
Go to Mastodon everyone's chill af

Well... Even though it's true that my battery may be dead soon (again!), it's still a funny message :-)

I did use Geekbench. Just because it is familiar to most people... Whatever...

Umm... A "bit" too late. Two-Three days. Not bad (Was just to busy.)

Anyways, here are my results on my little HP Compaq 2230s with Celeron T1600 (Dual-Core, 1.6GHz). The performance hit made by Meltdown fix is _really_ small.

And it looks like the newer kernel (w/ Meltdown fix) is slowing my machine down. Strange...