How did it take me so long to find !? It's amazing!

( ) + is just a dream to work with!

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Android app *Blokada* is a very good firewall-log/privacy/ad-block. I recommend people to install it from f-droid.

It is no exaggeration when Devs said "You will be surprised!"

I am surprised knowing so many trackers in my device

Anyone have any experience with email forwarders (e.g. services like:

I have so many domains but an individual email account for each one is costly. Using this it seems like I can forward all emails to a single Gmail, and send from the 1 Gmail on behalf of any of the domains?

Alright users, all is up and running and seems great except or 1 thing so far.

The system seems to be setup for Windows keyboards. How do I make treat command (green) as the super button, instead of opt (red)?

I essentially want to swap Opt and Cmd (i.e. swap Windows Key and Alt).

Alright, time to see why everyone else is jumping over to it. Wiping the desktop completely and starting fresh with

I dream of the days when consoles are built with adequate cooling, or at least fans that don't sound like a Jet is taking off... is cooking my PS4! Have removed it from the TV Unit, added 2xUSB fans, still hot!! Got to admit, it is a stunning game though!

Free mobile plans in as of Friday with Zero Mobile:

My understanding is fees are covered by location tracking and target advertising.

getting worse and worse.

Now that I am likely permanently WFH I have treated myself to a new Keyboard and Mouse. Welcome to the family MX Keys & MX Master 3

Those of you with your own (especially ), do you have comments? If so, what do you use for them? I prefer making static blogs with but all commenting tools I can find like seem very bloated and far from privacy oriented :(

Decided to try out RSS feeds again, have gotten up and running on my server. Finding feeds to follow is harder than expected! Shout-out to for having easy to find RSS feeds!

What feeds do you follow?

On my journey, I have now (almost) completely ditched GDrive for on my server. However I've never had to actually recover from drive failure, considering spinning up the old HP Microserver N54L with and just rsync the nextcloud data directory weekly as a precaution.

Finally is catching up (well... with download speed anyway). at home! Didn't think I'd see this for 10 more years.

Noob question: how do I (or can I?) follow hashtags? Cannot for the life of me figure it out.


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