Any good resources for reverse engineering arm32 binaries? Just started with this, so don’t know too many programs/books/videos that are helpful

Expressatt Mainlining Journey:

Woah this was a lucky surprise. Someone in chat had a similar problem as me, and they solved it by disabling multi-core. I did the same, and although I still am not where I want to be (getting a shell to appear), seems like that weird error where it just randomly hangs at /init is gone. Gives me a kernel panic instead, but hey progress. I’ll take it.

@tuxdevices "PostmarketOS also supports a small fraction of the consumer watch market, although no watch-friendly UIs are available in it yet."

@bart recently ported the UI to @postmarketOS:

Expressatt Mainlining Journey:

I give up.

I’ve been stuck in one spot for a week. Before that, I was stuck in another spot for a month. I’m frustrated that there aren’t many resources for Linux, but loads for game dev, web dev, etc. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot. Maybe Linux dev isn’t for me, and I should look elsewhere.

I’ll try in a month or so. Until then, I’ll do other projects that I can actually progress on...

Expressatt Mainlining Journey:

Currently stuck on a weird initramfs error. It runs, but doesn’t output anything. I’m thinking now it might be a RAM issue and that I need to change it in the dts, but any help on how to get initfs output, when it’s not outputting anything would be huge help. I’m trying to echo stuff within the file, but nothing. Eg. “Hello from initrd!”, “Echo 0”, “Echo 1”, etc.

Didn't watch the whole event, but apparently Apple invented Tiles and the color purple today.

Woah lots of people starting to mainline in pmOS recently

Anyways, the progress I made with him and the others was a good amount. We fixed a kernel panic that was preventing the phone to fully boot up, and now we are going to try to talk to the phone through the uart cable, and see if we can get a login screen.

It also turns out that the downstream kernel is the one that setup simplefb, meaning I’m going to have to write a driver in order to properly use my display. Until then, no display for me :(. Maybe I can get lk2nd to get simplefb for me. Hm...

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I really want to know how he got to that skill where he could kinda guesstimate what the problem and solution are. I really would love to be as skillful as him someday. I have a lot of dreams I want to achieve, and learning about OS development, mainlining this phone, and learning Linux internals are some of them.

I’m also very surprised how he was just helping me with no expectation on me giving something back. It was nice of him to help me :)

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Expressatt Mainlining Journey:

So travmurav and I worked a few hours today on mainlining my phone. Well, it was more like he was telling me what to do, and I was just giving feedback on what I was getting. It was honestly really fun and amazing, even though I feel like I didn’t do much.

I was honestly amazed by his problem solving skills. Plus other people chimed in to help as well. It was a really nice, helpful experience :D.

I wanted to continue, but I was getting tired, so I had to leave.

Expressatt Mainline Journey:

I got confirmation it’s booting!!! Super excited!! :D

I think it was booting when I initially tried it, but I had no indication if it was or not. Now that I can look at the UART logs, it seems like it was panicking before it got to simplefb, hence the black screen. That’s my theory anyways.

Thanks to the folks at @postmarketOS! They helped quite a lot.

Now to getting the rest of the things working :P.

Expressatt Mainline Journey:

I gave up on lk -> lk2nd since device trees aren’t supported well, so it’ll probably go belly up if I try to port that. I might’ve read the code wrong though, not sure. There are ` DEVICE_TREE`’s, but they don’t seem to do much. I should probably look at it a bit more, just to confirm.

I’m now looking at mainline msm8960 dts. Apparently it’s a development board, so it should be useful. Having trouble parsing it honestly. Don’t know how to fix the regulators.

Believe in Right to Repair? Sign up!

Let’s get everyone the RIGHT to be able to repair their devices, and not just the manufacturers.

Note: You don’t have to be in the USA to sign it

Manjaro Forums is such a pain to delete posts in. After I deleted ~6 posts, it banned me for 24 hours before I could delete more. Really? Why can’t I delete more?

Safe to say I’m avoiding Manjaro Forums now...

Expressatt Mainline Journey:

I’m a dumbass part 2...

Was “looking” at a commit in two different projects (one was a fork of another) and was stumped why they looked different. Actually read the code a few days later, and turns out, they both are functionally the same....

I wasted a few days and made myself look really dumb in pmOS chat... Atleast I got some good progress on my Among Us clone that I’m making, but other than that, I’m pretty mad at myself...

Mainlining Expressatt:

Anyone know what the bss section is (assembly)? I looked on wikipedia and various other places, and it seems to initialize variable to zero? Not sure how it relates to start using C.

Also any non-terse tutorials on how to bootstrap an OS, or making an OS from the ground up (particularly arm)? The one on OS-dev-wiki kinda goes over my head. Or it might be the assembly, I’m not sure...

This is really hard ngl. But I had a lot of fun, even though I didn’t get much done.

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