Anyone have experience moving to another country?

I’m looking to move to one of the European countries. Don’t know how the job search will be, since I primarily speak English. I don’t know if being a recent college graduate (haven’t graduated yet, but just planning for the future) will ruin my chances too, or if I need more experience.

I am really excited to learn the culture and language! I’ve seen some amazing pictures of those countries as well, so I’m really excited if I can make the move.

So are more projects going to move from GitHub to GitLab? I’m not familiar with the legal aspect of why things are taken down on just a notice, but isn’t that an annoyance and hinderance to the developers? Like they know they are in the right, but GitHub forces them to abide by the DMCA takedown request, wasting time of legal stuff all the while not getting contributions.

This is in reference to youtube-dl vs RIAA

Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

I remember someone saying that they were boycotting Amazon and felt bad when they accidentally did support them.

I would encourage them to watch this video:

I know, I know. YouTube is bad, but i don’t know of any Invidious instances that are good and fast

I really feel that FOSH should expand its ideals. For example, why are tech companies harming poorer countries for new hardware? Why aren’t we helping the minors in the DRC get an education instead of unlivable salary? Why aren’t we helping the Chinese factory workers get a livable wage? Shouldn’t freedom not be just for the users of said device, but also the miners, factory workers, and other people in the supply chain?

Do you think people will get their basic needs satisfied for free in the future? I’m talking about food, water, internet (I consider internet essential nowadays), etc.

I think yes, only if technology continues to progress this way. I think people would enjoy all the new free time. I know I would.

I think ordinary civilians will become targets in cyber warfare. Hacking for more computing resources or damaging infrastructure (latter more likely imo) would be positive for the attacker.

Not liking how I envision the future so far

Are there circuits that have components that are not soldered on so that they can change parts on the board? Eg. change the SoC on a board. If so why don’t phone manufacturers, like Fairphone or Pinephone, use these? (I know they do a bit of modularity, but why not more?)

Kinda wish there was a modular phone. A desktop phone if you will.

So I saw on HackerNews that Clarence Thomas wanted to repeal Section 230.

Disregarding the politics, would this lead to people using Mastodon and the like? Because as I understand, Mastodon uses the same protocols with different servers for them to talk to each other, so technically no one company owns it.

Or am I misunderstanding it, and repealing Section 230 would also harm Mastodon because repealing that would apply to the code/protocol in addition to companies?

To all the new people on Fosstodon...


Also welcome, I guess... I’m watching you... 👁👁

Why do DNS servers exist in the first place? Wouldn’t it be easier to set up caches in the devices where the ip address are stores in the device itself. Otherwise, if it fails, it defaults to a search engine’s ip address. Or am I thinking of this all wrong?

I think I’m going to stop with LDDr3 readings. I’m just straight up not having a good time with classes

Failed to do my hour on LDDr3... do your thing internet! 🙃

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