Anyone who's been in the Linux desktop world long enough remembers the trend (which quickly morphed into a meme) "that's it, I'm switching to Arch".

With almost every day bringing us of more proof of how much our phones are spying on us, and how we actually don't own them, I wish a similar trend would emerge on mobile computing:

"That's it, I'm getting a ".

Ok well, feel free to replace Pinephone with or any other Linux phone. 😀


@normandc While I absolutely agree and *would* switch to a given the chance, the main difference (and probably main reason it's not happened) is Arch is free, while the Pinephone costs 200 bucks.

True. Although it's been possible to install Ubuntu Touch on selected Android devices for a while, and the list is constantly growing. I used it on a second-hand OnePlus One phone I got on eBay for $80 CAD two years ago. Unfortunately the screen's digitizer crapped on me after a year.

Work is being done to get mainline Linux working on Android phones, the @postmarketOS project is quite active in that field. Hopefully we'll see more and more usable phones soon.

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