"Let's use pdf instead of HTML because the web is bloated"

dude, gemini is *right there*

gemini is awesome because it's minimal and tiny and solves most issues that people have with web

@eletrotupi Who the hell even suggested using pdf, it doesn't even sound practical or less bloated than pure HTML

@eletrotupi I'm skimming through this and yep.. it still feels more bloated than pure HTML, and as you said gemini is *right here* anyway.
Also thinking about the fact a pdf doesn't mesh well with a cli, contrary to gemini

@Little__Ham @eletrotupi it's really funny how many people see the problem of "wow a lot of people sure make bad web pages" and come up with "so let's replace the web" instead of "so let's make web pages that aren't bad" huh


@technomancy @eletrotupi Right, that's why I mirrored my capsule to the web too. But to me it's refreshing to be off the web because when I'm browsing gemini or gopher I *know* everything I visit won't be bloated

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