So I got myself a VPS and am hosting both my capsule and website on there but still have a LOT of free space, what are some essential services/apps I should be running on it?

@Little__Ham maybe a password manager like Bitwarden? I’m hosting it on my raspberry

@SonoMichele I considered it, but ended up using pass on my machine instead
I could backup my password store on the VPS tho :blobcatthink:

@rob Just about anything, I'm being vague and open because I might get suggestions for things I never even knew were a thing and I love that about fedi

@Little__Ham well then

- vaultwarden (bitwarden compatible server written in rust)
- prosody or ejabberd for xmpp (email like distributed instant messaging), and for the super easy setup snikket
- syncthing ( decentralized peer to peer file sync)
- email ( but might need a bigger or dedicatd VPS for the easiest deployment as its docker, mailu, or one that wants the whole machine to itself - mail in a box)
- gitea ( selfhosted code repositories )
- gonic (airsonic api compatible music streaming server)
- photoprism or lychee (photo sharing like Google photos)
- powerdns ( run your own authoritative DNS server, or resolver)
- adguard home (pi hole but a bit better)
- calibre web (web based version or calibre, the desktop ebook management software. I use synching to sync my local database and books to my server so I have it on the web as well)
- authelia (authentication layer to put in front of services you want extra security, supports 2fa. Good for your media library etc)

What kind of things are you into? I might be able to suggest more interesting things.

Like federated blogging with writefreely.

Or your own invoice and payment management suite with invoice ninja.

@rob Wow that's some quality suggestions, thanks! I do already self-host gitea but will absolutely look into most of these.
As for what I'm into I'd say mostly decentralized, foss alternatives to "bigtech" and any mainstream tech and services

@Little__Ham cool, same.

Photoprism I think is the nicer software but the best part does use tensorflow. You can disable it but then might as well use lychee.

If you don't want to host your own mail yet but want to host your own contacts and calendar, radicale is super nice. Nothing fancy like a web interface, so you use whatever client for that. Like Thunderbird, Android apps etc

@rob @Little__Ham oh, vaultwarden looks interesting. I was thinking of doing something similar, but rewriting the client CLI instead from NodeJS to Rust

@michel_slm @Little__Ham if you want to play with it I can make you an account

@rob @Little__Ham thanks! Probably not necessary yet, I can test against my Bitwarden account or spin vaultwarden up myself

@Little__Ham I guess that depends on both use case and current installation. Installing Nextcloud to share some files and photos with friends could be nice.

Current installation is a Debian 10 image hosting nginx, agate and gitea so far. As for use case really I'm just not sure otherwise, hence looking for suggestions. Will definitely look into NextCloud tho!

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