The Gemini folks have clearly stated they don't want to replace the Web, only offer a alternative for interested people. People who are happy with plain text and images without all the scripting and advertising surveillance. :)
@Little__Ham @eletrotupi

Just found out about Toot (by @ihabunek) and being able to browse and toot on mastodon through a CLI really is something else! (github.com/ihabunek/toot

This is the greatest personal website/CV for a dev I have ever seen

I can't really explain how cool and perfectly dev it is you've just gotta go see for yourself (it's less effective on mobile).

Still on my protocol spree, I'm now hosting on and :blobcatcheer:
Weirdly enough, finger was the hardest to figure out how to work with

littleham.net is now also on because I could!
I'm having a lot of fun working with different protocols, I'm thinking about finger and spartan maybe next. Am I forgetting an interesting protocol?

So I got myself a VPS and am hosting both my capsule and website on there but still have a LOT of free space, what are some essential services/apps I should be running on it?

Hey @keyoxide, I tried adding an avatar both through WKD and Libravatar but my profile doesn't seem to have picked up on any of them. Am I missing something or does it just take a while to propagate?

Finally done setting up my capsule, my website, my key and my @keyoxide page!
Feels good to be productive πŸ”’

Just migrated to fosstodon as I kept seeing toots from awesome people coming from here, already enjoying the local feed! :blobcatpeek:


Fosstodon is an English speaking Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.