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Hey @HP, nice move!
Its refreshing to see a Super key on a laptop.

Certain *other* major OEMs just leave the Windows key on there and feed their users an excuse about it.

Thanks for going the extra mile. These little things matter.

@Linux4Everyone Well according to one of the framework laptop forum moderators, they are required to do this to get an OEM discount for windows licenses:

@Linux4Everyone you got Dev one?

I'm not sure I'd give my own money for one. I had dealt with hp biz-grade hardware and... It wasn't great. I've also dealt with Dell a lot recently, but only as a user. And not in a laptop capacity, but as a workstation. Seems better but still not great. I still going ThinkPad in high regard, but i haven't had one for a while, so i can't say.

Personally rocking a tuxedo, i feel it's better then the Dell crap I have from work, largely because Windows though.

@Linux4Everyone My long-atrophied brain still calls that one the Left Amiga Key :-)

@Linux4Everyone IMHO, OEMs should stop using the windows logo. Maybe a symbol that both OSes could use.

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