@Linux4Everyone steam is proprietary, meant for installing proprietary software.

@Linux4Everyone how did that even happen, never saw that happen on pop_os before.

@milo@social.anthro.cc @Linux4Everyone@fosstodon.org obviously someone left a typo somewhere while coding the dependencies.

and with apt being prone to dependency hell, it's no wonder it happened eventually.

the real kicker is that it was caught by him of all people, in the worst possible moment. now people think linux is untrustworthy when actually this never happens. the haters took the ball with that one and ran.

Well, It Worked On MY Machine... 

@ink8 @Linux4Everyone :blobfoxthink: no idea when they recorded it, but I had just gone through installing pop_OS on an nvidia Optimus laptop just weeks ago with that never occurring.

@milo@social.anthro.cc @Linux4Everyone@fosstodon.org it's probably because you updated the repo before installing steam, i would bet you did that because every linux enthusiast does that very thing before installing literally anything else

RD: @ink8 @Linux4Everyone Probably. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade is ingrained into my veins at this point

@ink8 @Linux4Everyone still though... how in the hell does that make it through. :blobfoxlaugh:

No wonder why people still think linux of any sort is a trial by fire.

@milo@social.anthro.cc @Linux4Everyone@fosstodon.org in this case it was just bad luck i'd say :ferret_annoyed:

human error pops out everywhere.

remember windows machines have broken in the last couple of years because microsoft pushed an update that rendered the OS unbootable.

also, windows has a safeguard against unbootable installs that consists in
uninstalling every app without user input and starting from scratch. files stay though.

linux might be trash but windows is worse. in retrospect it's apparent. the real problem is the learning curve, but lets face it, an user that uses libreoffice, openshot, reads pdfs, listens to music, watches movies, and browses the web, doesn't ever do this sort of thing without consulting their local geek first. it's the gutsy folks that type "i am an idiot" and then do nothing to fix the issue and go back to windows scared that expect everything to "just work", without realizing nothing "just works" in windows either, they're just used to it, and they don't like feeling like a n00b; like it's their first time touching a mouse.

Well, It Worked On MY Machine... 

@milo @ink8 I've used PopOS for 2 years across probably 20 or so test/review devices. Steam and pretty much everything else worked flawlessly every time.

This timing was horrible :(

Well, It Worked On MY Machine... 

@Linux4Everyone @ink8 Of course the conspiracy side of me says linus sabotaged it for more views :blobfoxlaugh:

In all fairness though, he did blindly accept the apt transaction, and failed to notice what was to be removed....

@milo @Linux4Everyone It happened to Linus on one of his videos, maybe POP_OS isn't that good distro as they think.

@milo @Linux4Everyone gamingonlinux.com/2021/11/syst they needed to patch it, this doesn't happen on others systems. "You can easily do some finger-pointing on where the real blame lies here from Pop not ensuring a major package like Steam works correctly before it's pushed to users"

@blkpws @Linux4Everyone tbh though, Linus is cursed to break literally any piece of technology at any time.

@Linux4Everyone @mike I’m screaming about this meme, but no one in my house would get it

@TheFreePenguin @Linux4Everyone Not usually. There was a bug where that happened for a really brief amount of time. It just so happens a popular Youtuber got bitten by the bug while he was doing a test run of Linux.

@mike @TheFreePenguin @Linux4Everyone the bug was unfortunate for sure and my takeaway was that Linux needs slightly better worded warnings for major changes like that. To me, having to type out an entire phrase to continue is a HUGE red flag, definitely warranting reading what it was going to do and maybe reconsidering. But that's as someone who understands unlike Windows, Linux will delete its own core if you ask it to.

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