@Linux4Everyone Took a while until I got it's ChromeOS. They're not that popular in Europe.

@Linux4Everyone how is this good? I didn't understand the joke and killing parents is hardly fun in my opinion.

@solene @Linux4Everyone I think he say that his parents are already dead, and replaced by a imperfect clone, who give a wrong answer to the question.

@breizh @Linux4Everyone what makes you think that? I don't understand how you get to that conclusion ^^'

@solene @Linux4Everyone I don’t remember the exact original dialogue, but that was the idea. Checking if his parents was still alive or already replaced by the ennemy.

@breizh @Linux4Everyone ah this would make more sense knowing the original meaning (that I don't remember)

@breizh @solene @Linux4Everyone
You don't even need the reference. I hadn't it and I understood the joke.

@solene @Linux4Everyone In the movie the parents have been killed and replaced by the T-1000. Arnold is asking a question to test if they're his real parents or copies.

So, answering "google chrome" is proof you don't use gnu/linux (or have been killed and replaced by a clone) which is a very linux nerd joke

@dualhammers @Linux4Everyone I see

but still, as Google Chrome is available on Linux I don't get the joke :D or is it implying the true linux users are not using Google Chrome?

@solene @Linux4Everyone It's using the One True Scotsman fallacy as a basis for a joke. It's just subculture purity stuff

note the meme spells it out correctly as GNU/Linux, as people who care about software freedom usually do. for people who care about it, surrendering to google chrome is anathema

@solene @dualhammers @Linux4Everyone I suspect the overlap between people who insist on the "GNU/Linux" usage and the people who choose to use Chrome is very very tiny

@calcifer @solene @dualhammers @Linux4Everyone @jollyrogue @jr I would say that Chrome in this regard exposes his mom as ChromeOS user, wich the author doesn't count as "Real Linux". Since they're not using real Linux, they're dead.

@jr @bionade24 @calcifer @solene @Linux4Everyone I’m going to say no. 🙂

They would probably say they have a Chromebook.

@solene @dualhammers @Linux4Everyone I think it tries to imply that usually Linux users are aware on how problematic Chromes market share is for an open web and that they thereby tend to avoid using Google Chrome

@solene @Linux4Everyone It’s from one of the Terminator movies, T2 possibly.

John Conner and the T1000 are evading Skynet Terminators. The T1000 asks asks a question, and the answer proves John Conner’s parents have been found by the Skynet Terminators.

The joke is Chrome is spyware.

@Linux4Everyone The meme is fine, but you, let me interject for a moment...

@Linux4Everyone Chrome is great if you have RAM to burn. The reason they advertise it as so fast is it gobbles up any RAM it can get its hands on. If you don't have a lot of RAM available it's dog slow. I still use Firefox on principle, as I'm slowly trying to shed as many dependencies on Google products as I can.

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