.@Windows 11: "Simple by default. Powerful by choice."
Huh. That sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?
KDE: "Simple by default. Powerful when needed."
A motto @kdecommunity has had for at least ... 7 years?

Shame on you @microsoft.

@Linux4Everyone "oi, you lot come up with a new tagline - you have 15 minutes"

**Dev realises it won't be traced to them personally, so steals KDE's and changes a word.**

@Linux4Everyone Why is anyone surprised? They’ve never had an original product.

@Linux4Everyone @microsoft okay, this is the 4th time just since I started using Linux in January of 2019 that I've witnessed Microsoft steal a name, motto, design, or entire frickin' project from an open source project/developer.

And here I thought their evil had faded since the days of Balmer.

@Linux4Everyone also, your name is a lie if you're not captioning your images ;)

@matiaslavik @Linux4Everyone @microsoft MauiKit (originally just Maui), the Windows Package Manger (from what I understand they "collaborated" with a dev of an open project and then took that code, changed it a bit, and cut him out of the project with no credit or pay), and... I can't remember the third now but I think it was something like the Maui situation where they named something the same as something that already existed and refused to change it

@carl @Linux4Everyone @microsoft But not the lawyer dollars to go up against MS. And MS knows that.

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