I'm in the early stages of script-writing for a series of "Linux Myth-Busting" videos. Here are the first few ideas. Add yours!

#1 Installing Linux is hard

#2 Installing drivers is hard

#3 You can't game on Linux


@Linux4Everyone Commandline is hard (and slow) is probably one of the biggest I can come up with off the top of my head.

- (expanding one) Finding the right driver or properly tune/set-up it;
- (drivers part 2 ...) Audio system is a mess;


#n+1 The terminal is complicated

#n+2 You need to understand the terminal to use linux

#n+3 Rolling Release distros are unstable

#n+4 Hardware support is bad

#n+5 Linux is only free if you don't value your time

#n+6 nvidia drivers are unusable on Linux and hard to install

@Linux4Everyone office tools (libre office vs. ms office) are inadequate

#4 Nobody on my friends can help me to use or fix my PC on linux. I am foced to find help on weirds nerds forums.


1. Installing drivers is necessary or something to worry about in the first place. Or knowing about drivers is necessary at all.
2. (Font) rendering sucks.
3. Finding&Installing software is hard.
4. Photoshop does not work.

@Linux4Everyone #4 You can't design on Linux

I fully switched to Linux last year and I currently use a mix of Gravit, Inkscape and GIMP for my web design business.

@MarkJones I'd love to hear more about this, Mark. Would you be willing to do a short interview (either written or voice?)

@Linux4Everyone Actually, thinking about it, it take's me about 4 hours to type an email so a recording would be much better.

@Linux4Everyone 1 and 2 are actually easier and faster on GNU/Linux than windoz… those who claim otherwise either never tried to install any OS at all, or claim shitty OS-locked hardware is GNU/Linux's fault -> bad faith either way.
4. "You can't do professional photography using Linux because lightroom is mandatory for serious photobraphy". *coughs* darktable *coughs*. By the way, tools don't replace either the ability to find interesting subjects or to correctly use a camera, nor creativity…

#5 Linux is not Windows
#6 Linux looks unusual
#7 MS Office doesn't work on Linux
#8 Linux has no Software
#9 No one uses Linux

@Linux4Everyone Non-Windows DEs are hard. Never mind the Windows 8/10 "Metro" interface is a cheap knockoff of GNOME 3...

@Chrisleon27 @Linux4Everyone

When I say that, it's a myth that people have in their heads. But clearly not in mine. I saw the dark themes first under linux, I saw crazy animations that work with the graphics card and not the procesor thanks to compiz and that years ago. Linux >>> the others.

@Linux4Everyone especially with more commercial draws like reaper and bitworg available and programs like yabridge that make it really easy to use windows vsts through wine

#n: Outside of hobbyists, Linux is only used on Servers.

Would be an interesting opportunity to talk about Desktop Linux in industries like visual effects and animation.

@Linux4Everyone Managing conflicting incompatible libraries on linux is hard (I look at you software that only work with OpenSSL and have not transitioned to LibreSSL)

@Linux4Everyone i'd love to learn more about drivers because i still can't figure them out for shit.

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