Just because a developer is making a "free" product, doesn't mean they don't ALSO have the right to create income streams for it. And you have no right to take that away from them.

A rant about
@elementary and entitled users, in today's newsletter.

Plus, an awesome new "Music For Everyone" segment by the guy who wrote the Linux For Everyone theme!

@Linux4Everyone Hi Jason. I think your thought process have few gaps, and it's dominated by emotions. I didn't see in the blog post that Bob is against the right to "create income streams" and the argument about stealing miss the point a bit. Maybe if bugs n' missed concepts are so valuable, rest will be in stable release. The Real issue is cheating I guess, because sponsoring on GitHub is paying for satisfying curiosity or beta testing. Devs need to give something back, and I understand that.

@mr_glitch Fair criticisms. I do wear my heart on my sleeve most times...

@Linux4Everyone I need to admit that I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping for a battle on arguments 😁 ElementaryOS is an interesting topic because of the funding model - its breaking habits (everything needs to be free as beer, and accessible now or rather "NOW!"). Funding software and related projects is a nightmare in my opinion. Even if you're creating something, you need "extra carrot", like all you create to this point doesn't matter. I hope it's understandable I'm not a native speaker 🙃

@mr_glitch HAHA! Sorry, I get a bit timid on social media at times, not wanting to get deep into too many touchy issues. It's just how I am.

But I'll indulge you because it's a topic that needs to keep being discussed.

1st: It's a testament to the community that those ISOs haven't been built and leaked. After all, it's probably ALL on GitHub. Shows how much elementary's fans respect the devs.

2nd: I'm gonna need a new toot, one sec...

@Linux4Everyone 1. Yeah, Elementary have a dedicated community, so I'm not worried about any leakage or future of the project. Maybe my opinion was too compressed because I tried to fit everything in one Toot. From the technical standpoint no one hide anything, all stuff will be merged to stable, and because of that it's hard to talk about stealing anything. Bob case is trying to cheat the Sponsoring rules (in this case GH ones), because hehe "I can support later", which in 99% is...

@Linux4Everyone which in 99% is a lie in my opinion. He doesn't bother much about OS, he's just curious and because his curiosity is not satisfied because of "paywall" (paying to just look around probably doesn't calculate for him), he acts like a spoiled kid and trying to fudge free and open-source rules to his goal.

@mr_glitch OK~

2nd: "Bob" himself may not be against creating income streams, but SO MANY Linux and FOSS users seem to claim OWNERSHIP of projects they don't actually own. They don't want them to be more widely successfull, because then it's not that well-kept secret anymore. People like this also react negatively when an indie band "sells out" by signing to a majojr record label.

@Linux4Everyone 2. I think it's because of "it's yours system (after installation)" phrase in major, which is misleading like "free software". For example: everything is cool to the moment when OS breaks after update. Then it's developers fault because theirs update broke "my" system or your system is unstable garbage. In one moment all administration responsibilities fly away somewhere and in the magic way OS is from now on developer system not "my". Contracts with labels...

@Linux4Everyone Contracts with labels are a bit different paradigm I think. Because there is a high chance that freedom of creation will be vanished. Producers are focused on making money. Don't know how true is nowadays, but Marco's resigning from Nightwish shows that the situation in "show bussines" is any better. But yes, both gaining emotions and band fans have the same attitude to claim "ownership".


At any rate, I do have much more to say about it, but I think I'll save it for the next podcast or video :D

@Linux4Everyone @elementary I think it's on you "content makers" to educate the mass about free (as freedom) software that comes with philosophy and ethics vs open-source which doesn't or free (as beer) this is conflict created fall against the FSF and its cause.

@Linux4Everyone @elementary Great read. I'm a huge fan of the distribution, and wish the team nothing but success. They're doing great work, and deserve all the support they get.
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