An important phone is getting unveiled tomorrow. The hardware is incredible and the specs don't suck :D

Stay tuned for a video interview when the embargo lifts at 9am Eastern.

@georgia @orekix @Linux4Everyone Smartphones to you are what a handjob is to most people.

@Linux4Everyone Does that run mainline? Or can you not say yet 😉

@Linux4Everyone ohfuck i've heard about this. damn this is good news
@georgia @Linux4Everyone seems \like it
. i think its more intended to be an phone that's compatible with libre stuff, so it werks with linux
@georgia @Linux4Everyone i dont know. what i'm hoping is that it is a something like a not shit purism phone

@pernia @Linux4Everyone I didn't hear anything about any Linux phone, but like @Matter said; should we be interested if it doesn't run the mainline kernel? 🧐

@RyuKurisu @pernia @Linux4Everyone

the Lineage logo on there isn't very promising in that regard..

@RyuKurisu @pernia @Linux4Everyone

Oh it's done by XDA devs? So definitely not mainline. Probably a bunch of proprietary firmware.

@Matter @RyuKurisu @Linux4Everyone hmm. i'm hoping its atleast privacy centric. i don't know now im kinda bummed out :(
@Matter @Linux4Everyone @RyuKurisu @pernia oh yeah no. but there's some great software for running gnu/linux on android now.

@Linux4Everyone @Decentralize_today хоч би не виявилось хуйньою і пшиком

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