@Linux4Everyone Thanks, I'll stick with KDE/QT. Gnome keeps pushing further and further unity within their own ecosystem, at the exclusion of others, even traditionally Gnome-based software developers.

@Linux4Everyone I'm looking forward to this being usable as a day-to-day driver, tbh, because I'm pretty tired of distros shipping piecemeal, modified, patched, out of date parts of the desktop.

Would be interesting to see how well it worked as-is, or maybe install something like the nix package manager to fill in the gaps.

@mjog I know someone who installed it to the metal yesterday, even played Steam on it.

I suppose if all the software you need is readily available as a Flatpak, then you'd be good to go?

@Linux4Everyone We're very excited about this! Gnome is our favorite DE. We main Pure OS, but Gnome OS may sway us over.

@librefree Watch the video first! This isn't really meant to be your daily driver.

At least not yet :D

@Linux4Everyone @librefree I hope it doesn't actually move away from this concept of being a distro for developers and other people who need access to the latest 'vanilla' GNOME technologies. Besides, we have plenty of distros with GNOME already.

@Linux4Everyone I could see it being a great alternative to KaOS just focusing on Gnome vs KDE.

@Linux4Everyone No thanks, I'll stick with GNOME patched by distros.

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