Microsoft built its own package manager for Windows, Linux GUI apps and GPU hardware acceleration are coming to Windows 10, and DirectX is coming to WSL.

*looks up, checks for pigs flying*

@bekopharm I hurd that hardware support is not that great.

@bekopharm @Shufei @Linux4Everyone
Considering that only handful of people are working on #Hurd (without any payment), compared to hundreds of thousand of people working on #Linux kernel(with dirty corporate money coming in), can we really blame Hurd?


Did I forget the smiley?

This is a homage to an age old discussion. All good.

@Shufei @Linux4Everyone

@Linux4Everyone They removed our privacy at 100% on Windows, Outlook and all their services, they never asked to users if maybe we care for our privacy. And now they see more people is using Open Source and now, after years of doing this they think "maybe" they should look like Open Spurce software. They can put their shit on their ass.

@Linux4Everyone This is veeeery risky. They may try to monopolice the open source software... which is not possible... but they may try it anyway.

@MiguelRbls @Linux4Everyone ^ This.

Microsoft has been attempting to build their political capital since the end of the Ballmer years when the most harm was done, so I'll give credit where it's due.

That said, I'm old enough to remember "embrace, extend, extinguish". I'm not convinced that mindset has universally been purged from their DNA.

@unl0ckd @Linux4Everyone Basically I don't trust on Microsoft. They "accidentally" leaked the keys for the Secure Boot technology. Virus installed as trusted drivers on industries of another countries. I don't trust them.

To anyone who trusts Microsoft don't say you weren't warned. Trusting them to not have an alterior motive is about the same risk to the FOSS world as having a "former" pedo babysit your kids.

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