There’s a full moon 🌕 tomorrow! Watch out for Werewolves! #Ubuntu 15.10 went End Of Life over 40 full moons ago! Time to upgrade or reinstall those Wily systems! Learn how, here:

Welcome to a very Peppermint-y and slightly philosophical episode about , forever distros, and the unexpected lessons you can learn from using a "Frankenstein" OS.

With very special guest "The Peppermint Man" himself: Zebedee Boss!

"When I slapped Windows 10 on the Asus VivoBook E203M it was capable of multi-tasking, albeit with frequent “Not Responding” messages and the enthusiasm of a drunk snail. But when I installed #Linux distribution Peppermint OS, it just screamed."

Welcome to Episode 15!

This time around, I have a great chat with Chris Titus Tech.

Like me he switched to Linux last year. And like me, it changed both his personal and professional life. But that doesn't mean our viewpoints are the same :D



It's 19.10 upgrade season and I've got the FEVER. Lots of impressions inside.

Also: Xfce may not be known as the "lightest on resources" desktop environment for long...

Plus much more in Linux For Everyone Episode 14. GET IT!

Happy Tuesday to my awesome Patrons! This episode...well, it contains a few surprises!

Everyone else: I'll see you tomorrow at 1pm CEST!

Welcome to Episode 13!

By popular request I reveal my "Linux Toolkit" of software and hardware that I use daily.

Then, get ready for the Linux Mint Gaming Report!

Plus: Another Linux Origin Story and a new Song from the Source.

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