New video goes live in 15 minutes (1pm Eastern). Count the # of times I die in Halo as fast as you can, comment the right answer, and the first person wins a Linux For Everyone coffee mug!

I want to grow this channel and the brand WITH you, so welcome to the first quarterly Linux For Everyone Channel Update! I share some of my YouTube analytics, some struggles and some ideas for future content (including all the glorious hardware I'm playing with). This is your chance to leave important feedback and even some constructive criticism! Watch it and sound off in the comments!

It is increasingly difficult to summon up enough positive mental energy to create content.

Hope everyone's doing ok out there.

After a citywide lockdown, then an earthquake, this episode begins with a decidedly different tone

ME: "I'll just play this one expedition in PSO2 and then go to bed."

PSO2: "ATTENTION ARKS: We are preparing a large-scale activity."

Ok, I'll just do this Urgent Quest, then go to bed...


Me: "Well OBVIOUSLY I need to identify these special weapons. OH my mag leveled up! OH I need to update my skill tree...."

Join me and the @DestinationLinux crew for a Patron Only video live chat this Saturday at 12pm Eastern.

We're going to hang out and discuss open-source, Linux, gaming, and anything else on your mind.

Patrons of BOTH shows are welcome!

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