Thank you all for the positive messages during my illness and stay in the hospital. Recovery is slow but steady, and I'm back to writing some articles at Forbes again.

However, the journey back to full podcast + video production will be a bit longer. Thanks for your patience!

Health update: Making steady progress toward kicking this nasty bacteria out of my lungs. I'll be in hospital until Monday, after which I'll be on bed rest at home for 8 to 10 days with more antibiotics. Then we'll take it from there...

I thank you for all of your positivity.

Hello everyone, Jason had been hospitalized with a severe pneumonia called Legionnaires Disease.

We are obviously hoping for a fast and efficient recovery, and thank you for your continued positivity and prayers.

We all look forward to getting this show back on the road!

The L4E Team

Hi All,

There will be no new Linux For Everyone content for the foreseeable. @killyourfm is currently unwell and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Jason may not respond to socials during this period so any DM's or mentions will be picked up when we can.


L4E Media Team

Linux++ continues to be a super enjoyable read, and this one is especially engaging thanks to the interview with @cassidyjames and the closing segment on Linux history!

We hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube last night! To celebrate, I wrote you a song...

If content is king, then a strong ecosystem is the kingdom. Is Linux gaming healthy? You bet. But it's missing something crucial that no one seems to be talking about, and we need AMD and Nvidia to step up and fix it.

YouTube Link:

LBRY Link:

@Linux4Everyone I just clicked the link without paying much regard to who posted it.

Waiting 20 seconds and I was like “wait...this is the L4E track!”

Came back and realised it was you who posted it! 🤦‍♂️

Great work Jason, it’s a good track - added to my list. 😁

What’s your role in the band?

It's with absurd levels of excitement that I tell you: I'm a published musician for the first time! This is my band. This is my ongoing dream. CRANK IT UP!

(Listeners of the podcast MAY recognize this....)

Listen on:



Google Play:

Apple Music:

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