When you're simultaneously getting ready for the Garuda Distro Community Challenge *and* prepping a video about Ventoy.

if you watched a video on LBRY* every day last year, you would have made about $30

and the creator would have made more

you probably have a friend that still uses big tube

show them the way 🤝

*with odysee.com (or lbry.tv) account

I loved this article.

Fav quote:
“I’ve come to realize the true appeal of the command line is the consistency.
The uniformity.
The reliability.
There is a certain level of comfort in that.”

Because autism, there’s huge satisfaction to know that typing in the same stuff will produce the same result, every single time. So much consistency. ❤️

Even the fact that UI shifts around changing the physical actions to accomplish something each time can be an annoyance 😅

@imakefoss is a rotation curation account, an interview blog and a YouTube channel. We give a voice to opensource projects around the world. Every week we hand the mic to a new contributor.

"I got home later that day and clicked CONNECT on my Earthlink dialup internet and scoured the WWW to read as much as I could about Linux. I was intrigued! Up until this point in my life, I had really only used Windows. I had friends who had fancy iBooks and I wanted in on that Apple lifestyle, but sadly on a touring musician’s salary I could only live that Gateway Life. The idea that I could “Simply Change” the operating system on my home computer was mind blowing." medium.com/linuxforeveryone/fo

When I started my own Linux journey, I was adamant about not even touching a terminal. As if it was this diseased, disgusting thing. So what changed?

Read the text, or listen to the embedded audio:


Today, for the 1st time in my life, I received actual money from people buying my music. A trivial amount, but the impact it makes on my confidence and motivation is MASSIVE.

If you're one of those early fans, thank you from the bottom of the heart.


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