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Welcome to MidReality!
I have 3 fake Arch Movie Posters. I wrote about them, upscaled them, then put them here for you to download.


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“does it run on steam deck?” is the new “can it run crysis?”

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We're looking for hosts for Linux App Summit - if you're interested in hosting a conference that is gaining momentum - let me know! We're specifically looking for non-US areas.

Figured out what happened...
I changed my birthdate to August 4, 1997 (bonus points if you know that date). That doesn't make me under 13.
But since I've been on Twitter for so long, that fictitious birthday would mean my account was CREATED before I was 13.

Live and learn.

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Thunderbird is . Most people know that.

But how do you CONTRIBUTE to Thunderbird? That means knowing how to code, right? NO!

How can YOU help make a big difference in the Thunderbird community? We have a few ideas, so keep reading... 👀🧵

Twitter locked my personal account because I accidentally changed my birthdate to reflect I was under 13 years old.

GG @TwitterSupport. My @KillYourFM account has been on this platform and verified for 13+ years. Please escalate reactivating it.

From my imagination to an AI's brain, to your wall! Buy the Arch Linux: The Movie poster, available in multiple sizes and paper stocks.

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This summer... IT'S TIME TO NUKE AND PAVE.
@debian: The Perfect Storm.
Coming to terminals everywhere.

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Our new blog series travels back in time to explore the history of Thunderbird software. Today, let's start at the very beginning!


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BEHOLD, the power of via the @jsauxofficial USB-C dock!

@system76 Launch keyboard
External monitor (at 4K/60)
Logitech Brio webcam
1TB external SSD
Wireless mouse

First impression of this affordable $40 dock? Well, I'm impressed! More to come...

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As the guy who interviewed senior people at Lenovo, enthusiastically promoted the @fedora + @Lenovo partnership for Forbes, & rode that hype train with @Linux4Everyone, I am extremely disappointed to see this.

Hey @pop_os_official and @HP? You've got a real opportunity here... twitter.com/omglinuxtv/status/

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Thunderbird 102 is now available! It's a SERIOUS upgrade loaded with highly-requested features:
📨 Brand New Address Book
📨 New Spaces Toolbar
📨 Import/Export Wizard
📨 Redesigned Message Header
📨 Beautiful new icons and & color folders

Read more: blog.thunderbird.net/2022/06/t

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Hey @HP, nice move!
Its refreshing to see a Super key on a laptop.

Certain *other* major OEMs just leave the Windows key on there and feed their users an excuse about it.

Thanks for going the extra mile. These little things matter.

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