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Introducing the Destination Linux Network!

A community hub and media network designed to bring passionate creators together with their communities to spread our love of open-source, technology, and Linux.


By popular request...
The Linux For Everyone podcast is coming to YouTube!

Get subbed if you'd like to consume it there!


@Linux4Everyone the guys @PINE64 are on fire! Great work, I am loving it! Can't wait to get my hands on that sweet sweet hardware coming out soon. Especially pinetab and pinephone. I was never into smart watches but I can make an exception for this one

Episode 9 is going to be HUGE!
You'll hear all about the big announcement with @DestinationLinux, plus I just wrapped up an awesome interview with Codeweavers!

“I have made it my personal mission to understand why there's a lack of trust and do something about fixing that," Scott tells me. "I trust Microsoft. I wouldn't work here if I didn't. I want others to see that and I want Microsoft​ to uphold and prove this. I don't know if I will succeed, but I'm persistent.”


A advocate inside Microsoft
is pushing for a native OneDrive
client, and you can make it happen.

But really, MSFT's Christopher Scott is doing much more than that. Read my short interview here:


This is definitely the next Community Voice segment! Read the article and record an audio message (or just a passionate email) with your thoughts and send it to:

linuxforeveryone @ pm (dot) me


Welcome to Episode 8, featuring a HUGE tease from guest hosts @MichaelTunnell and @dasgeek of @DestinationLinux!

We also discuss @Puri_sm
's Librem 5 shipping update and the alternative mobile OS landscape.

Plus, another Discovery of the Week and some sweet FOSS music to close it all out.



Hear more details on episode 8 of Linux For Everyone tomorrow, featuring Michael and Ryan of @DestinationLinux!

We all know PocketCasts rules but...
100s of you listen to this show right on the web. I'm thrilled to show you the brand new web player. It's pretty slick!

You can now control playback speed, volume, and skip back/forward.

Check it out!

On tomorrow's episode:

I'm joined by Daniel Foré for a revealing conversation about the philosophies, challenges and decisions involved in creating and managing a distribution like @elementary.

Subscribe in your favorite podcast player, and see you tomorrow!

Do you use and love @mxlinux? Want to tell my podcast audience why?

Record a short audio message in any format and send it to linuxforeveryone (at) pm (dot) me

Your comment might be used to introduce the new Distro Challenge!

Don't forget to tell us who you are!

Deadline: Today 10pm Pacific

On Monday I get to interview Daniel Foré, founder of @elementary OS.

I'd love to ask him a few questions from the community. Add yours here!


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