Jason over at @Linux4Everyone is doing some really great stuff; I love what he's building. If you're on Discord, I'd highly recommend you guys check out the L4E channel - lots of great conversation going on in there.


@be @kev @lord @Linux4Everyone I enjoy using Discord! I also use Fedora Linux as my daily driver, as well as Matrix, Google services, Windows, and the like. I deeply believe in open source, but the world isn't black and white, at least for me going proprietary SW only or opensource SW only isn't viable. I need a compromise. A bit of this and a bit of that. I known for a fact that platforms like Discord are familiar and appealing to newcomers. No need to be elitist and/or closed-minded.

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Getting set up to do a fun NoiseTorch demo for the channel. Noise makers have been assembled...

This is our strength.
Positivity. Encouragement. Empathy.

This is what sets the L4E community apart and I love you guys for it!

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I have Dracula-themed all the things. (There's even a Dracula theme option for Standard Notes!)

For those of you NOT into the podcast, there's also a new video today!


Please give a warm welcome to @system76 Linux badass @jeremy_soller! Episode 46 starts RIGHT NOW!


T-Minus 6 hours until the podcast comes roaring back into your RSS feed!

It's important that you know this about the partnership: @TUXEDOComputers insisted that nothing changes with the podcast or videos. This means the same interviews and coverage of the entire Linux hardware ecosystem, not just TUXEDO :D

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Beginning today, Linux For Everyone and @TUXEDOComputers have entered into a long-term partnership that will ensure growth in our community, and a steady stream of new content across the network!

More details in Wednesday's new episode of L4E!

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came a long way since it was open sourced in early 2014. Here's a recap of some of its major advancements and what's next in the future.


Here are some really nice Pop OS wallpapers made by @system76 fan David Hughes: github.com/doulos0/system76fan

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