Welcome to Episode 41! PLEASE NOTE: For the time being, audio-only episodes will not be posted to LBRY or YouTube.

Should Linux gamers be paying more attention to Razer? And where are all the affordable Linux laptops?

Plus, a Discovery of the Week double feature to satisfy your window auto-tiling needs, and a brand new Song from the Source that'll rock your socks off with its infectious bass grooves, live drums and keyboards.


What's it like to use a cloud-centric operating system for working and playing? Found out as Schykle takes CloudReady for a satisfying test drive.

A new episode of Linux + Coffee is OUT!


Ryan Sipes founded Mycroft AI, built a strong community for System76, and now he's wearing 3 different hats for the project.

Ryan shares his hilarious Linux origin story, some great memories from System76, and talks about Thunderbird's past, present and future on this special video interview.

Watch it on @lbry:

"This is a unique collaboration between the worlds largest laptop maker and the worlds largest Linux company. [This is] a concerted effort to evolve as a laptop operating system and doing it in a proper open source way."


Meet Schykle. He uses on his shiny new Dell Inspiron 2-in-1. But he wants more battery life, and doesn't want to hassle with tweaking or toggling. Schykle installed this app. Be like Schykle.

Watch on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=HI3tFa8TIw

Watch on LBRY: lbry.tv/@LinuxForEveryone:9/go

"Today is bittersweet. I've been at the sea here in Premantura, Croatia for nearly 5 weeks. Intoxicated by the lushness of Istria. Amazed at the visibility of the night sky. Calmed by the absence of sound like the constant buzzing of city traffic. Inspired and energized by the stunning coastline. "

[New blog post:]


No winetricks. No tweaking. No glorious eggrolls :D

Here are 5 great Windows games you should try, that run flawlessly on Linux.


I made a set of wallpapers for you featuring my photography from a morning stroll on the Istrian coast.

Please enjoy, and please share. More details and the link:


Hear directly from the developer of a great tool you'll want on your Linux laptop ASAP! Plus, I've started a new blog using only Standard Notes. I also discuss my mistake in choosing a video editor, and why I should have embraced open source. Then we'll close things out with an awesome Linux origin story! 

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