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@kdecommunity @planetkde @KdeNeon @ManjaroLinux @thelinuxEXP @killyourfm @Linux4Everyone Anyone interested in attempting to create a panel applet like pop os for kröhnkite? Is it possible? Or even a window title bar button? Tiling windows seem to be wanted by many people on KDE.

Coming up next week: A new App Spotlight and a new Will It Linux! Enjoy your Sunday!

So I'm back on @kubuntu.
While I <3 Pop OS and its auto-tiling, I've realized I prefer @kdecommunity Plasma for everything else.

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@Linux4Everyone Just to be clear KWin is ongoing a lot of cool stuff (see invent.kde.org/plasma/kwin/-/m), but more helping hands are always welcome :)

Me after switching from Pop OS to Kubuntu:
"Damn, I really miss auto-tiling and Pop Shell."

Me after switching back to Pop OS:
"Damn, I really miss KDE."
(We need a KDE Plasma version of Pop OS that retains Pop's window auto-tiling!)

Protonup: The gift that keeps on giving.
Thanks again for this cool tool @AUNaseef . Using it to update to the new version of Proton-GE which enables AMD's FSR!

I'm installing OG Crysis for Will It Linux, and talk about a blast from the past: pre-launch routine installs Punkbuster and GameSpy Comrade!

THOSE seem to install fine. Dead-end is the Registration Code entry. It won't accept my valid code.

Broken, at least out of the box.

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What unanswered questions about the Steam Deck do you guys have?

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on Linux (Pop OS) in 4K, maximum settings.
(Protip though: Turn off Super Sample AA and Depth of Field)

Here's what is planned for the WILL IT LINUX series so far! I'm always open to suggestions (and help) so don't be shy!

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Good morning friends and TGIF! Well you slept, I made a video about some @AMD hardware news.

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I'll have a new video for you at a very weird time: 11:30pm eastern time tonight. Hmmm, must me somethimg that's embargoed 😆

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Windows, according to @apple 😂

The pc icon in SFSymbol subtly mocks Windows blue screen errors

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Soo uhhh @Bungie when you going to let us play Destiny 2 on Linux?.. There's a bunch of other games beating you to the chase 🐸 youtube.com/watch?v=K9khdYpMI5

I'm trying my best to cover and evaluate other Linux hardware companies, but I'll be honet: if they're not also based in Europe, it's going to become a deal breaker.

It's costly and very time consuming for all parties.

But if someone wanted to join the L4E team from the US...

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Croatian customs is making it more and more difficult for me to review hardware. The good people at @junocomputers sent two of their laptops 3 weeks ago.

Now they're 24 hours away from being shipped back because customs doesn't believe Juno is a real PC company...

We tried :(

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