The first interview is with "Tools for Research", an organisation that is very active in our community (through the voice of @Tammo on the forum) 😎 : .

LimeSurvey is not only about the software itself, but also about the community that revolves around it. Community that proposes features, finds bugs, and pushes fixes into our wonderful software.

That is why we have decided to start publishing a series of interviews on our blog with our Partners who have been helping our community thrive since its incipient phase.

LimeSurvey 4 RC3 is now available on our website:

If there are questions, do not hesitate to write us back!

Who wants to build a clockwork? 😉
Manual work to boost our creativity levels. ❤️
P.s. LimeSurvey 4 updates will be posted later today!

Open Source is about community empowerment - we are always happy to hear how LimeSurvey is being used by our users.

For example, University of Reunion Island has created some awesome LimeSurvey presentation videos in French that can be accessed by anyone:

Do you have -speaking friends? Then the above link is the perfect way to introduce our software to them 😎.

The first (release candidate) for 4 will be released in the upcoming days! Who is excited to test the new features?

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will always remain an ongoing process. We are happy to meet like-minded people at and discuss its impact on different .

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Every continent is now covered by our authorized 😎. But who are they? How can they help you? Check our latest blog entry and find out how your can benefit from the services provided by our partners!

Hello everyone ! LimeSurvey GmbH is hiring! The following positions are available:

- Junior Online Manager
- Software /
- (application development)

For more details, see:

Office language: English
Location: ,
Supporting : Yes 😎

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♥ So far, self hosted Lime Survey on Ubuntu.

♥ Survey/Questions are being prepared.

♥ customising the appearance & options. Goodness , Lime survey is very powerful Web app

♥ only challenge is authorisation issue

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We have launched the survey for our second round of donations - this time we will be donating $100 to 2 separate open source projects.

We've managed to improve the submission process this time around by using @LimeSurvey.

Please do take the time to add a submission if you get a couple of minutes. The list will then be sent to our Patrons for the final vote.

is an outstanding message from the youngsters. We hereby join them in their protest against the history of climate change inaction. Sign the statement and demand your local representative a new climate-friendly regulatory framework.

We are happy to announce the release of 4!

To it, please check this link:

You can check the attached screenshots to get an idea about how LimeSurvey 4 will look like.

We also published a post about the new that will be introduced in the new release:


For any questions & issues, please do not hesitate to write us back. We are looking forward to hearing your inputs!

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