The fight against corona is still ongoing, the apps provided by goverments and private companies are designed to interrupt infection chains more quickly and to obtain test results faster.

Together with the EM Normandie Business School (France), the University of Osnabrück is now investigating the worldwide acceptance and reasons for using or not using these corona tracing apps in a technology acceptance study.
You find a link to the survey right down below.

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Why not use a more privacy friendly service like @LimeSurvey?

We have started organizing our "digital office". Did you have any difficulties setting it up? How can you quickly adopt a mindset? What about work-life balance? Share your advice with us below 🤔

LimeSurvey GmbH is hiring:

- (Senior) Full Stack Developer PHP Yii + Vue.js
- (Junior) Marketing Manager CRM
- 1st Level Support SaaS Application
- 1st Level Support SaaS (Student job)
- Software Tester - Web Application (Student job)
- Team Assistant (Part-time)

For more information, see:! 👍

The team would like to wish everybody . May these days be filled with joy and laughter. ☺️ 🎄🎅

BVM e.V. invited us next Thursday to talk about and how it can enrich product development. The perfect opportunity for @lacrioque to present LimeSurvey 4 and how our community shapes the introduction of new features!

For further information, check the link below:

Do you want to increase the security of your account and data? Enable now 2-Factor-Aunthentication from the plugin manager!

In case you are using LimeSurvey Community Edition, download the plugin from:

For more information about the plugin, check the following blog post:

Have you ever worked with someone remotely for over 10 years and then you finally get the chance to meet that person in real life? Well, to get to know our partners and contributors, we organised our first LimeCon event. It proved to be not only a place for exchanging ideas, but also one for strengthening the ties that bind us.

Our complete company LimeSurvey GmbH and all its employees will join the today at 12:00 at , Jungfernstieg. We think corporations have a huge responsibility for our society benefit. We have to save the world for our children. Join us!

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It is that time of the year: we're evaluating our IT systems. 😨

I'm diving into today, a beautiful survey tool (thanks @LimeSurvey!) The hardest part is coming up with questions that will give us insights on where and how to improve our systems. I'm curious to see how our users feel about the new IT environment since we completely moved to .

The first interview is with "Tools for Research", an organisation that is very active in our community (through the voice of @Tammo on the forum) 😎 : .

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LimeSurvey is not only about the software itself, but also about the community that revolves around it. Community that proposes features, finds bugs, and pushes fixes into our wonderful software.

That is why we have decided to start publishing a series of interviews on our blog with our Partners who have been helping our community thrive since its incipient phase.

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