We are happy to announce the release of 4!

To it, please check this link: limesurvey.org/development-rel.

You can check the attached screenshots to get an idea about how LimeSurvey 4 will look like.

We also published a post about the new that will be introduced in the new release: limesurvey.org/about-us/blog/2

post: limesurvey.org/forum/news/1183

For any questions & issues, please do not hesitate to write us back. We are looking forward to hearing your inputs!

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I've used your platform for our Sustainable Academy Awards 🎉✊

For those who haven't heard of us before, is an online survey software that helps users develop and publish online surveys, collect responses, create statistics, and export the resulting data to other applications. It is a written in which was created in 2003, distributed under GPLv2.

The development is governed at the moment by LimeSurvey GmbH, which was co-founded by the long-term project leader Carsten Schmitz.

Guess who just joined Mastodon 😎 .

We will be posting here news, blog posts, and tricks you can use to create the perfect survey.

Thank you @fosstodon for hosting us! We're looking forward to join the growing Mastodon community!

Grüße aus Hamburg 😍


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