systems - dream or nightmare? I recently read a news article about how the government is spending $175 million to completely upgrade its 60 year old computer system that handles pensions for millions of Canadians. The report says the system is "rusting" out and can no longer be supported. The thing is, it has worked all these years and it has never been hacked. I'll bet the new system will be breached in no time. Maybe they should hire some admins.

I recently read a blog where the author was ranking OS'es by how secure they are and he put at bottom in terms of security, then Windows 95, 98, XP, etc. Finally, he put some Linux or Unix distro at the top. But how can DOS be insecure since it has none of the common vectors of attack like JavaScript, Flash, cursor buffer, shockwave, etc.? I know that George Martin famously wrote GoT on an airgapped DOS computer, but what exactly are the risks of DOS?

I think i gonna have myselv a nice read over the next cople of weeks

The WP story on the CIA's secret ownership of Swiss crypto company Crypto AG provides some insight on why they are nervous about Huawei. Not because Huawei will have backdoors, but rather than they won't be in control of them. The CIA/NSA has been using Cisco, Verizon, Facebook, and others to datamine possible sources and Huawei could make that more difficult.

@alastair It's one of these awful web-based DRMed things that wasn't available in any other format. Something malfunctioned and the system thinks the purchase was "refunded."

In my experience, most neo-Pagans are more Christ-like than most Christians.

Now many people are arguing for , after the death of the of this outbreak, Li Wenliang.

@jordan31 @celia cold as in not connected to network or even power. That way you can't lose the data, unless someone physically takes it and beats the password out of you.

Want a free copy of Photoshop? How about a free malware cocktail to go with it? Ars reports that unlocked copies of photoshop included malware that "steal passwords and other sensitive data, take screenshots, pilfer cryptocurrency wallets, and download the additional malware."

How about a nice copy of Gimp instead? Cocktails not included.

In 2019, mainstream coverage of privacy wins and challenges increased, and with that, so did coverage of the Tor Project. We are proud of what we accomplished last year and proud that our work advancing human rights to privacy and freedom online has caught the attention of outlets such as BBC, WIRED, Deutsche Welle, and NPR. Not only did they write about us, but some of these big names also began using and promoting our tools.

Want a raspberry pi? We suggest buying Microsoft office for that. Sound about right Mediamarkt ....

Thinking about purchasing a Raspberry Pi and installing Pi-Hole on it 🤔

Browsing from a European VPN lets me take better advantage of protections.

I love that I can come on here and ask a tech question and get 10 replies and they're all correct.

I love the ability to block users when they go off on some rant about or whatnot.

Good news everyone.

The Dutch court has ruled that the SyRI surveillance system (that gathers and processes data from various sources) should desist, because there is no fair balance between the societal impact and its breaching into private life.

The court has ruled the system to be in contradiction of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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