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Toll Group hit by claims that they have no evidence that customer data was lost. I see this time and again and it is BS doublespeak. There is no evidence because everything is encrypted. There is evidence that their systems were accessed and there is no evidence that customer data was NOT stolen. There should be some consequences when ransomware victims mislead their customers like this.

My three-year lucky streak is broken, I catched a cold yesterday. (I know, it beats catching the coronavirus!)

Getting plenty of rest today, provides support. 馃槃

Don't rely on the 3-2-1 rule to protect from . It says have 3 copies, in two formats (ex. main drive + time machine), and one off-site. But many off-site are also getting hit. The key is a 4-2-1 rule. Four copies, two on-site, like before, and two off-site. But one of the two offsite is offline. If you can, back up to a hard drive, disconnect it from the Internet and put it in cold storage. I have a cabinet full of backups that will never be connected to the Internet.

Ransomware victims who claim that no customer data was exposed are bold-faced liars. is the perfect cover for stealing data. Exfiltrate the data and then cover your tracks with ransomware. Forensics will be very limited if the drives are . Every ransomware victim should be considered a breach. Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

We Recommend MX Linux as a live Linux usb distro. Mxlinux will repair grub and cheroot scan rescue oops install 馃槒like a champ!馃コ馃ぉ馃馃槹

Just discovered that feedback hub was taking screenshots of my desktop and sending them to . One shot showed my emails. I also don't recall giving them permission to take screenshots of my desktop.

The Pine Phone has arrived, and it's every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. Now to find a working OS...

Ami路e路s rennais路e路s, nous animons un atelier 脿 la BU de l'INSA dans le cadre du @FestLibNum le lundi 3 f茅vrier ! C'est gratuit et ouvert 脿 toutes et tous :

#FDLN #Rennes #privacy #atelier

"Seriously, if you鈥檙e looking to replace Gmail, look elsewhere because Criptext is the polar opposite."

Oh, yes, you can also replace your currency with free (as in freedom of speech) and currency, it's called .

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Don't dismiss compulsory student tracking via a phone app just because it's limited to athletes. These measures always start with a small powerless group, then use that "success" to justify expanding to others. #privacy

Am a bad person for not giving a shit about a guy crashing in his private helicopter

Preorders for Motorola鈥檚 Razr are now backed up until mid-February - Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

If you place a preorder for Motorola鈥檚 Razr right now, you won鈥... more:

Every day:

"The data obtained by Motherboard and PCMag includes Google searches, lookups of locations and GPS coordinates on Google Maps, people visiting companies' LinkedIn pages, particular YouTube videos, and people visiting porn websites. It is possible to determine from the collected data what date and time the anonymized user visited YouPorn and PornHub, and in some cases what search term they entered into the porn site and which specific video they watched."

Get more out of LibreOffice with our guidebooks! Our volunteer documentation community has updated the Calc Guide, covering the spreadsheet module of LibreOffice:

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