The WP story on the CIA's secret ownership of Swiss crypto company Crypto AG provides some insight on why they are nervous about Huawei. Not because Huawei will have backdoors, but rather than they won't be in control of them. The CIA/NSA has been using Cisco, Verizon, Facebook, and others to datamine possible sources and Huawei could make that more difficult.

@Limax And that would be the reason I keep saying that Europes 5G expansion must be done by European companies. Ericsson or Nokia. Communication ist critical infrastructure and must not be placed with with companies influenced by foreign intelligence services.

@thewk @Limax bnd is german, crypto ag was swiss. So, "European" doesn't exactly assure privacy-neutrality..

@xinomilo @Limax No, it doesn't. But keeping the infrastructure in our hands at least prevents someone from flicking the kill-switch on us

@thewk @Limax
late reply, but ICANN can. (=flick the kill-switch) and leave us with infra talking to LAN.. :D

@xinomilo @Limax yes, they could....
Maybe another thing that should decentralized ;-)

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