Just discovered that feedback hub was taking screenshots of my desktop and sending them to . One shot showed my emails. I also don't recall giving them permission to take screenshots of my desktop.

@Limax this seems like old info, and it being a mistake on the users end. Not that MS was trying to be sneaky.

@jordan31 It was new to me. I was cleaning up some files when I found the screenshots hidden in the feedback folder.

@Limax hello, I just saw this on my timeline. What, taking screenshot[s] of your desktop and sending them to Microsoft? Showing your emails? How did they do it? I am using GNU/Linux so I am curious. Could you please elaborate? Sorry I followed your link but I still do not understand. Thank you.

@ademalsasa I was doing some system modifications and it showed up in my "recent" files list. I was surprised when they were screenshots of my emails, etc. They were in a hidden folder \AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub_[randomstring]\LocalState\

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