Im falling into the dark side. Thinking of buying a fitbit to go with my lineage phone.

Maybe I should stick with asteroid is like my original plan.

#USA opens national security investigation into #TikTok

Well, I'd trust Chinese services much more than US-based. Services like #Google #Facebook are known to cooperate with US agencies + sell our data. #privacy #cloud #security

GitLab tracking – GitLab says it "will commit to not implementing telemetry […] that sends usage data to a third-party product analytics service":

– On October 23, GitLab announced to implement product usage tracking.
– On October 29, they apologized and reverted the announced changes.
– Currently, they are collecting feedback from customers (see the linked issue above).

#gitlab #tracking #privacy

Profile of Michael Gillespie, who has cracked the encryption of 100+ types of ransomware and helped thousands of ransomware victims recover their files for free (Renee Dudley/ProPublica) - Renee Dudley / ProPublica:Profile of Michael Gillespie, who has cracked the encryption of 100+ t... more:

How do "normal" people end up becoming Facebook racists and conspiracy theorists? One way is through "recommended" feeds that start out innocent enough (like if you love your children - meme with cute photo). So people like it and share it with their friends. Then once it has gathered enough subscribers (liking automatically subscribes you), they start pushing anti-vax, pro-Trump, racist, Christian, bs.

‘Don’t leave campus’: Parents are now using tracking apps to watch their kids at college - As Gen Z grows up and goes to college, some parents are using technology to keep a close watch more:

In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services 🙌

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant. #onionizetheweb

Nokia revives classic phones. The new 2720 flip phone features KaiOS, but it sucks that it is pushing Facebook apps so aggressively. These "classic" phones are essentially Facebook devices with Nokia branding.

Inside Bill's Brain on Netflix has a 40% critic review and 98% audience review on Rotten Tomatoes. Both are right. The docuseries is a propaganda piece for Gates and his foundation, but it does give insight into HIS world view, even if it is through a very distorted point of view and avoids some of the most serious criticisms of both MS and the foundation. It is still worth watching, as long as one understands that it is an apology for Gates.

*Apology (2): "defense, excuse, or justification"

If you must run MS Windows, doing it in a VM inside Linux is still safer since Windows malware often won't run if it detects a VM.

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