Nous avons participé il y a quelques semaines à une interview par des étudiant·e·s... Ecoutez le résultat de ce reportage demain, dans le cadre d'un plateau radio en public !

We started the election process (Phase 0) for this year's @opensuse Board elections. During this process, apply for openSUSE Membership until mid-January. -

When the stock market goes up, our employers get richer.

When the stock market goes down, our employers keep their money and fire us instead.

STOP the sale of .ORG! Tell @icann_president and @ICANN board chair to stop the sale of @PIRegistry to private equity. @SullivanISOC & @jnevett need to listen to . Add your name to the opposition. Sign the letter.

Oh boy! Seems I need a new vpn since PIA sold out. Guess I should have seen it coming when Linux Journal had to shut down for good.

Ransomware remediation scams. Be careful with companies that offer to decrypt your files after they have been locked by ransomware. Often these guys are scammers who just pay off the ransom and then add a fee on top. In some cases the malware creators are the same people offering their "services" to victims.

Cyber security frauds. I keep seeing companies claiming to be cyber security companies, but if you look at the credentials of the principals, they have no background in programming, networking, engineering, etc. Typically, they are lawyers or sales guys trying to make a quick buck. Rudy Giuliani's cybersecurity company is the most famous example. Also watch out for CISO's who hire small firm's to audit their security. Often the auditor is the guy's buddy.

Ransomware Lies and Falsehoods. Whenever I see ransomware disclosures, they are often followed by "no customer data was exposed" or something to that effect. Well how do you know? Ransomware is the perfect cover for exfiltration of IP and user data. You steal the data and the cover your tracks with ransomware. Any company that claims it was hit with ransomware but did not have data stolen is preying on their customers' ignorance.

Today's Hacker Noon front page story: Long "Unbiased" VPN Reviews That Give You The Short End of the Stick [Deep Dive]

What are the chances that Facebook would do us all a favour and sell Whatsapp to a Swiss Company for a good price?

Im falling into the dark side. Thinking of buying a fitbit to go with my lineage phone.

Maybe I should stick with asteroid is like my original plan.

#USA opens national security investigation into #TikTok

Well, I'd trust Chinese services much more than US-based. Services like #Google #Facebook are known to cooperate with US agencies + sell our data. #privacy #cloud #security

GitLab tracking – GitLab says it "will commit to not implementing telemetry […] that sends usage data to a third-party product analytics service":

– On October 23, GitLab announced to implement product usage tracking.
– On October 29, they apologized and reverted the announced changes.
– Currently, they are collecting feedback from customers (see the linked issue above).

#gitlab #tracking #privacy

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