Just Released Finally lol: Customer Records v1.0

Just Released: GUI File Encrypter.
Simple few clicks to encrypt your file

Just released Download Folder Sorter V1.3
Whats New - log output file created when script completes

Finally getting back to working on my Customer Record program.

I decided to implement a local SQL database to save all the data. Still lots of work & testing before it will be available.

Just updated Movie Tv File Sorter program. No changes you will notice, it was just a code clean up.

Here are some updates on what I been up to lately. Slowly re-writing my encrypted chat program Encipher Chat in Python this time, was one of my early programs I made when first learning to code.

Also re-writing a program I never fully finished, that basically keeps track of your customers basic info, good for small family owned restaurants, fast food takeouts, etc that don’t want to buy an expensive pos software just to keep track of there returning customers.

Looking to run your own DNS server to block tracking, ads, etc?

There are a few options you can go, one is Pie-Hole & the other is NoTrack.

Both amazing open-source DNS servers & easy to use with a Raspberry Pi.

Links below

Pi-Hole - pi-hole.net

NoTrack - gitlab.com/quidsup/notrack

Hello all my name is Lexcoder.

I write arbitrary software on my spare time, like for example a download folder sorter, terminal file encrypter, etc.

Some were created for friends trying to automate things, or just random idea's to learn from.

All my code is available to be viewed without downloading the software.

I will be planning on posting updates on current & in-development software

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Finally on a social media platform so users can easily get in contact with me easier.


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