January Consistency Update: making scrollbars look the same across apps, modernizing KDE's websites, and synchronizing shortcuts.


I really miss being able to jump to top/bottom by right clicking scrollbar arrows when using kde (it's a gtk feature I think)


@come @kde You van jump to top or bottom by left clicking on the scrollbar. Just above or below the arrow. Depending if you want to go to top or bottom.

@Lembritt @kde Does not seem to work, only solution is right-click->down/up.
Left click just scrolls down/up a bit (one page I guess).

I used Kmail 19.12.1 for the test, and scrollbars for message list and message content differs, but none of them seem to offer an easy way to jump to top/bottom.

@come @kde It's coming in Plasma 5.18. I thought it was already implemented. It does this for me in Firefox.
You can use middle click in the scrollbar to jump.

@Lembritt @kde Firefox does not use Qt but GTK as far as I know.

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