So nice to be at the cabin in the woods. Quiet and only the sound from the trees 😊👍

Because the Fediverse uses chronological timelines, and because it has a worldwide audience, it is totally fine to boost your own post later so it can reach people in different time zones.

There's no algorithm deciding what people see in their main Fediverse timeline, so they just see whatever happens to be there when they are online.

#FediTips #Fediverse

Lots of people are looking for secure chat platforms and stuff like that. So I thought I'd create a poster.

I excluded Telegram because it's pretty much like WhatsApp. And this

I would've included Signal, but I'm being skeptical here and Signal looks a bit suspicious since it requires your phone number etc.

What are your thoughts on this?


A decade ago... at #oggcamp in Liverpool, for some reason I had a photo taken holding a DEC VT-101, like you do.

Got something to say about KDE? Say it at #Akademy2022! The deadline has been extended until the 19th June.

If you need help to get you started on your talk, check out this article.

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday half a century
Happy birthday to me.
(They had no 50 badges)

Saw this lovely letterbox adornment on my morning walk this morning. 😍 Postman Pat and Jess the cat.

#2587 For the Sake of Simplicity 

For the sake of simplicity, gardeners are assumed to move through Euclidean space--neglecting the distortion from general relativity--unless they are in the vicinity of a Schwarzschild Orchid.

Our True Wireless Earbuds ensure great sound quality & a seamless experience, but the real innovation happens behind the scenes. The earbuds & charging case are made with 30% recycled plastics & have #FairtradeGold in the supply chain – a world-first! ✨

What statistics software do you use?

Sharing is very appreciated.

:gnu: :rstats: 📊 📈 ❤️ ✏️ 🎓

#gnu #gnur #rstudio #pspp #jamovi #jasp #statistics

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KDE #Plasma 5.24 Beta released

Containing extensive changes, Plasma 5.24 Beta is aimed at testers that help devs correct problems in KDE's desktop.

You can help too! Install 5.24 Beta onto a spare computer or virtual machine and test its new features.

The final version of Plasma 5.24 will be available on February 8th.

The Steam Deck will probably become available in February. A photo released by Valve shows units rolling out sporting KDE's Plasma desktop.

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