It seems to be a good short video that explains the licenses

The weird thoughts moment

Chromium is a FOSS project that is in fact controlled by Google

Linux is a FOSS project that in fact uses RH solutions, and it's rather Systemd/Linux

Don't let the defaults of XFCE fool you because it may look like anything, and basically it is a LEGO DE where everything depends on your taste

Gonna say good morning European peasants of tech :D

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FOSS devs soon: and before I wrap this README up, subscribe to my github account, smash the star button and don't hesitate to fork and submit that PR! Catch you all in the next repo!

"If you have used Red Hat all you know is Red Hat, if you have used Slackware you know the GNU/Linux"

This phrase is amazing, and so damn true because Fedora made me forget a lot of stuff I knew about Linux which is a bad thing

Just imagine that Linux disappears for some reason. What would you do considering the fact of the lack of help for other FOSS OSs, and so they are way behind Linux

Boosts are welcomed :)

@Tusky [feature suggestion] What about adding the feature when you can press the button whilst typing a reply to see what the original post is about? Like, now you'd need to close your reply and so it'll remove the whole message to see the original post or you'd need to copy everything that is written at the moment. This button would add something like preview

When Musk was about to buy the birdsite it was a fuss here just like when windows 11 was released some people named the year of the Linux (I have no idea why). It had been quite active life here on the Mastodon. Now it seems to be as it usually is. I mean, there were so many toots in the first days of May, and so few now for some reason

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@Tusky Is there any way or plans to add a transition of toots? I mean, I am just asking because sometimes I see something in German for some reason, and it makes me wanna know what that is about because I don't know the language

If the purpose of Mastodon is to write random thoughts, and (or) to share your eccentric ideas then why would it have something like instances? I mean, everything but moderation is the same, ain't it?

Absolutely nothing:
My HDD: It's a fire time, and so do I

Meh 😑

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Wayland seems to be a new standard for KDE and Gnome, but what about small projects like Cinnamon, Mate or XFCE and even LXQT? Those projects are not as well maintained as they need to. Would be funny to see how apps will eventually drop xorg support but those DEs won't be ready for it. The only project that is Wayland oriented is Mate as far as I am awared

What are your thoughts on it?

It may be odd, but every time I install a distro with KDE I just remove it asap because I'm too lazy to actually make KDE cozy, and then I'll install a Gnome version of a distro because it's what I need (almost) out of the box

Ps. It's no hate towards KDE, just a funny reaction of mine to it; and yeah, with KDE I could build something admirable and enigmatic

If you won't read the news you aren't gonna be informed; if you will read the news you gonna be misinformed and messed up

KDE and Gnome users are usually like enemies, but in fact, they use the same systems. It's pretty sad to see how fans of both DEs are fighting each other online. I mean, those DEs have different style and approaches, and even a purpose is different. Why would anyone compare them? It's like a comparison of Linux and Windows; damn, they are meant for different things and cannot be compared :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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