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mutual aid networks, covid-19, face masks 

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I'd love to form more of a community with other designers, especially those focused on #UX and who share #Libre slash #OpenSource values.

If you do too, respond to this thread and we can see where it goes from there.

(boost appreciated!)

#LibreUX #OpenDesign #FreeSoftware #Design

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"There’s no indication that the data out of China in terms of their infection rate and their death rate was falsified in any way" says Canada’s Health Minister Patty Hajdu, criticizing those who are "feeding into conspiracy theories" about China and WHO.

@danslerush same for me,

I have 4 different SSDs:

2 x WIN (work/gaming)

and 2 x LINUX (pop_os/zorin) ...

Just select on bootup. It's the best of all worlds🤙 .

@danslerush I'm always surprised with this HUGE leap of faith that is suggested for people to move to linux.

Why not "for the price of a harddrive you could move to linux without the risk" ?

These articles very often point to a new system, "all in" type of approach.

I found the best and least stressful way for people is just order a new hard drive, unplug the original and plug in the new one, install linux. Try it out, if it doesn't work, plug the original back in....no stress:)

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@danslerush I love these articles, and they always give me hope...until you realize that most AA titles won't work:) I know from my hopeful experiments. Many times anti-cheat software is the problem. I'm glad things are slowly getting better though.

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Some #FSFE #supporters collectively wrote about the good reasons to use #FreeSoftware for #remote #working and collected a detailed list of good solutions that respect your freedom: fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202004

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#Huawei joins major US-based open-source patent protection consortium OIN

In a move many will find surprising, Huawei is joining the #Linux and Open Invention Network, the leading US-based open-source patent non-aggression group.

@Blort @thenewoil this is why they got slammed with anti trust in the past, it's just the default browser on windows machines, done.

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@RT this is absolutely ridiculous! No wonder people don't trust the main stream!

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Never mind the pandemic, when are you dropping out? Bernie Sanders gets a raw deal on ‘The View’

Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders got quite a hostile reception on ABC’s ‘The View’, with the hosts more interested in pressuring him to drop out than in his proposal to deal with Covid-19 by nationalizing healthcare. Read Full Article at RT.com


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