I just found this great privacy research and tech channel on that I feel a lot of people would appreciate:)

Take a look and show him some love


This is exactly the use case I was describing just recently. Single-user peertube instances for the greatest control meanwhile being part of the larger network.

Spin one up:)


Looking at his mastodon posts, he seems very interesting!
Stupid question (I'm brand new to mastodon)... what is peertube? Is it like invidio.us?


@Euphoria @sunknudsen no worries, no invidio.us is simply a YouTube frontend while peertube is a self-hosted or community hosted YouTube-like instance. Think of how mastodon instances are independent but federate together. The really cool part is when you stream videos from them they behave like torrents that share the load as more people connect.
It really is amazing!

@Euphoria @sunknudsen the best part is that it is truly decentralized unlike many other services that aim to be but still have profit motive and some form of central control. This means they will eventually turn evil:( Not peertube. See joinpeertube.org

This is awesome! After I put the tinys to bed, I'm making an account!


@Euphoria @sunknudsen cool, but don't be discouraged, the traffic isn't there yet because the creator's don't see why it's so valuable. The best advice I could give someone is to keep working with YouTube but mirror your content. Gradually introduce it to your audience as an option. In the end its a free backup of your content;). In case you get deplatformed...ha ha.

That's very good advice. By mirror, do you mean a script of some sort?

@Euphoria @sunknudsen There are scripts that can do it but not sure it's possible if you're not the owner of the instance.

If your library isn't too huge you can manually re-upload. Some instances even allow upload via URL (youtube link) which pulls in all the descriptions, hashtags etc.

Moving forward you'd just it's not such a big task to simply upload to both platforms.

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