Hey people of Fediverse. I'm planning to self host and I absolutely have no idea where to start from. I tried using raspberry pi as a media server, but it wouldn't take the load. So I'm planning to scale up, but this time, with better planning. So, can you guys tell me how did you all started self hosting? And what are the hardware do you use for self hosting? Any pitfalls that I need to be aware of?

@l3g0b0y I use an old PC. After struggling with other solutions I finally was able to successfully self host using yunohost.org I encourage you to check it out! It's intended for people that AREN'T sysadmins . They even provide a free subdomain!

It basically installs a Debian server and auto configures the hard networking stuff with only the ports to forward:). Once up and running installing "apps/services" are one click affairs. It even comes preinstalled with an xmpp server!


@l3g0b0y once installed most maintenance and installs take place in a user friendly web panel.

I can't believe it, but I currently run: an xmpp server, next cloud, bitwarden, peertube, roundcube, and wordpress all from an old PC:).

I stress, I am not tech saavy, I just don't mind asking questions;). Their forums are very friendly and very supportive. You can follow them here @yunohost

@LPS @l3g0b0y @yunohost I just started with a Pleroma instance, pretty simple to setup and it is advertised it can run on a Raspberry Pi. You should consider giving it a try.


@erick @LPS @yunohost Sure. That's a good project to try out once I'm done setting up my media server. Thanks for the recommendation :)

@l3g0b0y @LPS @yunohost 🤦🏻‍♂️ I saw “self host” and immediately assumed Mastodon, my bad.

YouNoHost seems pretty darn interesting 🤔, I’ll definitely give it a try, soon-ish 👍🏻
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