Here’s a flippin’ clue for FREE.

If you are deving XMPP, 99% of users want to have OMEMO and OpenPGP. Up front. Activated. Standard. Working. Transparently.


@Shufei I honestly can't imagine how in the world things like those are still deemed optional by devs in 2020... Wait, actually I can imagine why: white dev privilege

@Antanicus I reckon it’s something like that? Why would anyone want to chat with XMPP without a dose of encryption being absolutely required? But if the catbird seat to not feel that one is askew.


@Shufei @Antanicus isn't this why people choose xmpp in the first place, to have some control over their data? I have high hopes for Kaidan IM being cross-platform and cross device. It could pull it all together.

That and it doesn't make users feel like they went back in time by 20 years ... here's looking at you Gajim;)

@LPS @Antanicus I was actually wrestling with Gajim at the time, haha. It didn’t have any relevant plugins installed and wouldn’t sensibly keep them installed. The process to use a key is hardly up front. Once I got it to work, it was fine.

But putting all that aside, ~90% of issues I’ve had with XMPP have been incompatibilities between clients and/or servers. Extensibility is a muddle when no one has basic shared expectations. One such should be encryption up front.

@LPS @Antanicus I mean... Here’s this ICQ-era chat tech. Control of info is fine, but most clients can’t decide how much of that should be legible to the user. I have used clients which show no key info. Some demand otr still. Most demand no encryption, and make finding OMEMO a chore. And now OpenPGP. Lovely when it works, but for goodness sakes, how to sell this to non-techies?

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