Day 1 of a 7 day water fast.

I've developed some unhealthy eating patterns lately, so I need a reset. I've done a 3 day water fast before. It went surprisingly well. I liked the mental clarity that came with it and feeling reconnected with my body again. I haven't experienced real hunger in a long time - I mostly eat out of habit or being bored. I'll be working out for the first three days, taking a break after that. Time to burn some reserves. 💪💪

@Gina are we talking about nothing but water for a week here? Surely that can’t be good for you.

@kev supposedly it has all sorts of health benefits. We'll see :)

@Gina I'm also anxious to hear how this goes. I could see where it could be beneficial or detrimental. It's not something I've tried before.



@mike @Gina @kev there's a reason most major beliefs/religions have fasting as part of their rituals ... it's actually more unnatural that we're over fed .. we didn't evolve having 3 meals a day:)

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