If you haven't seen it, a great explainer by Aral Balkan that you can share with friends and family who are unaware of how the game works... share it far and wide!

Viewpoint: ‘We’re living in an age of surveillance capitalism’ | BBC Ideas - PeerTube on Mastodon.host

@LPS This appears to have disappeared.

I was mainly interested to see if the BBC article had taken the work that was done to mux the slides and provide subtitles, which was a collaborative effort by some folks here on Mastodon (led by some folks in France, who I ... cannot remember their names this morning. I apologize to all, have not had tea, but am reading my timeline before going to the office...)

That article/publication _is_ available on peertube, and perhaps could be hosted if this one is not available for some reason such as "the BBC would prefer hosting it on their service."

@Truck @LPS I have the same problem. When I look at your account the latest upload is the Anonymous video.

@ericbuijs @Truck thanks, not sure what's going on, if it's a possible federation issue with the server I'm on. It wouldn't be the first time.:(

@LPS @ericbuijs And it's an actual BBC item. Nice job @aral (: Likely that got some more people to think about the situation.

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