Turkish Garbage Collectors Created Library Made Up of Discarded Books

Garbage collectors in the Turkish capital city of Ankara teamed up to create something very unique. They started saving all of the books they found in the trash in order to create a giant library of found books.

I use #fedilab. If I reply with a post with only a #tag in it, when, later, I click anywhere in that post, it links to that tag (list of posts). It doesn't open the post, and the conversation.
In other words, in order to access the reply chain, from a post, that post must contain more text than just a #tag (for #fedilab, that is).

About the #communistnews tag.
We are in need of a news tag, where we can learn what is happening in the world. A news tag that can not be highjacked by the fascists (capitalists included). There is of course #news. But that is flooded by professional mass deception media. There is also #antinews, but that suffers from #antiism. So I came up with #communistnews.
(better ideas are welcome)

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