So where are all of the #ActivityPubConf videos or where are they going to be? I'm pretty surprised to not see #Peertube links popping left and right, but maybe I'm just following the wrong people... 😢

I'm sure there's a lovely PeerTube host out there willing to help with hosting (or a few that federate with each other, if we want to distribute the load)

If you have the footage and getting them edited etc is the issue @cwebber then hit me up.


I'm with you there, i find it really disappointing that more FOSS conferences/projects aren't leading by example:( !!!

@LPS @cwebber

I'm not even really asking anyone to lead here. Just point me to a download link for the raw footage recorded on peoples cell phones or better, and I'll get it done!

If there is no download link, then let's just set up a #Nextcloud drop folder or upload to #BitTorrent and start a list of related magnet links so attendees can start uploading!

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