Friendly reminder to send to the non-believers, in a simple to understand fashion

You can't opt-out of Google tracking your phone - Sen. Josh Hawley owns Google - PeerTube on

@LPS Nice to see people in the government that, for now, care about consumer protections.

@ndegruchy it's the popular thing to do now I suppose:( Not holding my breath to see any changes though ... pretty much outrage theatre for the peeps IMHO.

@LPS Hawley has an okay track record for actually doing something in government as AG. Though there will be lots of pressure from the rest of his Senate compatriots to be a little more in-line with the party.

@ndegruchy I'm not really familiar with the people involved, good to know, hopefully once it comes to effect them and their loved ones things will change... seems to be the only way this happens.

@LPS Damn this is crazy, the google guy does nothing to really explain it in a way that these non-techs understand

@Unairedspecifics for real, now-a-days our phones are never really off until you smash it

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