#Fediverse: I created `Cloud Firewall` addon. Block connections to big 5 tech clouds based on IP address ranges they own. If a site/page/resource IP matches a bundled list of IP address ranges, it's blocked

It's not a hosts/filterlist type "ad tracker blocker".

It's "firewall" - looks at IP address of URL bar and 1p/3p resources.


Also listed on #HumaneTech Awesome list. #CloudFirewall #SurveillanceCapitalism #Cloud #Privacy #Security #Decentralization

Pics:馃枼 馃摫

@LPS welcome. Take "Cloud Firewall" for a spin and let me know your feedback or bugs or issues or feature requests. It's just a week now after it's first release.

Feel free to review gitlab and let me know for any clarification or issue. I specifically need help with a special feature request made by an advanced user. Also, Pls take a look at this feature request ticket and let me know your advice if possible, or pls share/boost this link so that someone can help me


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