Another day, yet another piece attacking ,astodon and federation in general, (, while it's true that 3 instances hosting over half the userbase is less than ideal, what these pieces all fail to account for is that despite technically federation not being new, Mastodon is a platform that is popularizing the concept to a wider audience than practically anything before it, most importantly because even people who don't have their own instance now know that they could.


the "everyone should be a sysadmin" critique is spot-on

@deejoe Well, kind of, but you have to start somewhere. Declaring a system failed, because it's not perfect and completely accessible to everyone from the get go is just stupid & almost smells like a Twitter interview take home exercise.

Did computers fail because at first not everyone could own one and they were room-sized? I don't think that's how it works.

Mastodon is a bit difficult as a result of it being RoR as that's what Eugen knows and could build this in....


For example, am writing my AP server in #golang with the intention of people being able to launch a self-contained binary with no setup required, sqlite and a production ready, let's encrypt enabled server bundled in. All runeable on a RPi.

It's hard to beat the simplicity of that, but am sure people will make even that more straightforward eventually and projects like Sandstorm prove that it's doable even today.

The first, or second iteration is rarely the final one.


@MatejLach @deejoe IMHO as a non-technical user of Mastodon, is that having flagship/landing instances was a genius move. General users looking for an alternative who are accustomed to wall garden type services will look for a single site to access for their initial taste. After a brief initiation they discover the there is a larger community out there and they'll emigrate, like I did. Baby steps:)

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