If you want to run your own #Mastodon instance but don't want to do techie stuff, you can get fully managed hosting from Masto.Host:


They're also on Mastodon at:


You control your instance, they do the behind-the-scenes technical maintenance.


@LPS Did you ever try that? I have seen that before but the page doesn't say much. Like how many resources are there available? CPU/RAM disk space, what are the limits?

@exu1981 @switchingsocial @lsmith1981


@mastohost @exu1981 @switchingsocial @lsmith1981 no actually I haven't, I have a nextcloud instance with them and I'm very happy with it. It might be a good question to ask them directly though contact@yourownnet.net

@mastohost @exu1981 @switchingsocial @lsmith1981 From my experience they are very accommodating, I was even able to test for over 2 weeks before I committed.

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