Please Boost!!!!

For all you admins out there can you please accept to Federate with @blender since the conference there's been an upgrade and reboot of their presence.

Unfortunately instance admins need to re-accept before the videos get spread.

One more thing while we're at it. If anyone has connections to opensource projects I'd implore you to reach out and request that they start migrating or at least mirroring their presence on the fediverse (mastodon, peertube etc, etc), it just makes sense!

The more people ask the more likely it is to happen.

@LPS isn't there a way to directly send requests to all instances?
Tooting seems quite hopeless.

@ChameleonScales I think once they enabled the instance it sends out requests to Federated. Francesco sent me a list of instances that have since accepted. I only put this out here to alert admins in case they hadn't seen or replied. Not sure even how to connect with my local admin, on

Thanks for boosting everyone:) please let us know if it's working on your instance of choice. I use and it's now working there

@LPS it's not but I PMed the admin already (

@ChameleonScales fingers crossed.

You know after trying to get this resolved it occurred to me that this is one thing that's lacking in .

There should be a built in contact form as a prerequisite for the admins. On the instance I use there isn't any way to contact or report, that i could find:(

@ChameleonScales I know it doesn't make sense in the case of Blender since they don't have user registration but it would be great if on that page there was a "report abuse" or "contact admin" form built in as part of 's next version.

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