hear ye! hear ye!

The official instance will be mirroring videos from it's official channel. So for all you , -loving, peeps we can now as well:)

@LPS A great idea--mirror your #youtube channel. Redundancy good.

@tellio there's a way to do it in an automated fashion using however I'm not technically skilled enough to explain how to do it:( But I agree, redundancy, de-couple from the corporate giants👍

@LPS instead of a hashtag, you can link directly to @blender , this is what ActivityPub is for

@ChameleonScales @blender great point. I'll include that in updates from now on:)

@ChameleonScales @blender not sure why but it seems as though the instance is not tooting changes. Another possibility is to follow the RSS to activitypub @blender
which updates almost instantly.

I found that odd so well. I have an account on but couldn't search or even add a subscription to the new channels. I suppose I should mention to Francesco or Dr. Sybren but afraid they're too busy. If you speak to them could you bring it up?

@LPS Blender existed before YouTube & co, and it could have existed even if it would have born in this "era". In consequence, there was no need of a PeerTube instance to simultaneously use Blender and not use YouTube. In fact, even playing videos is not needed to use Blender. Blender was absolutely not an obstacle to delete YouTube accounts and put its URLs in hosts file (to #FalseTechnologicalSolutionism #TechnologicalSolutionism

I'm not sure I follow. I'm merely encouraging people to avoid by using a YouTube alternative. In addition since and are it seems like a perfect fit. The fact that is one of the most visible projects around could go a long way towards 's adoption.

@LPS My point is that there is no need of PeerTube to avoid a part of surveillance capitalism, watching videos is not a need, so there was no "freedom excuse" to use YouTube before PeerTube (and there was already BitTorrent without web video player before if videos would have been crucial). I fundamentally disagree with this : "we can **now** #deleteyoutube as well" (emphasis added by myself). More attractive technologies should not be used to put freedom in bins, technology can be refused.

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